neon tetras when light is turn on

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    sgh360 Valued Member Member

    hi i have a 10 gallon tank with only 5 neon tetras currently, they seemed happy when i have the flourocent lights off but when i turn them on they scatter for cover. i tried different lights even 20w incadasent they still hid, i heard they should be in 6 or more should i buy one more? would that make them brave enough to go out and swim?
  2. steed1172

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    im sorry to hear about your skittish fish, i have 5 and they are all around, turning a light on suddenly startles lots of animals, try turning the light on and leaving it on for awhile so they get used to their light, and about being in groups of 6 or more... i believe its any odd number(other then 1).

    EDIT: make sure there are enuogh hiding places for your fish, the more they have the safer they will feel, knowing they can dart to a number of places instead of one or two, even alot of plants help with this
  3. Shawnie

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    welcome to fishlore!!!

    thats a very normal reaction from all fish ....if you can, leave or turn on an ambient light(small light sitting near another part of the tank in the same room) about a half hour before turning on your tank lights...that way its not so much of a shock...if the room you have your tank in is totally dark, then you turn on your tank lights, it doesnt matter what kind of fish you have, they will freak a bit .....5 is a great school for them and although you could get away with one or two more, it wont settle them any better when you first turn the light on :) good luck! and share some pics when you can
  4. OP

    sgh360 Valued Member Member

    thank you much appreciated. ;D yeah i will upload pictures as soon i get a camera lol. i got 6 plants and a trunk ordament :)
  5. Shawnie

    Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    sounds like a fun tank! cant wait for pics :)