Neon tetras vs Cardinal tetras Help

Discussion in 'Cardinal Tetra' started by Arp123, Dec 25, 2012.

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    I want some cardinal tetras and neon tetras but I can't choose between them. I have heard that neon tetras are hardier but others are against it. Neon tetras have become very weak over years and years because of too much breeding. I find cardinal tetras very pretty. I am not able to choose. I have a 20 gallon tank. Any suggestions?

    One more thing, from my previous neon tetras experience, my 4 neon tetras survived without a filter for 8 weeks.


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    A 20g isn't a good size for Cardinal tetras IMO. Go with Neons instead. They're also great little fish. As for them being weak, you just need to find a good supplier. There are a couple on that have good Neons. I get mine from a contact in South America. He catches them wild and sends them to me. Wherever you get your Neons from, make sure you quarantine them. That's very important with any fish but more so with sensitive fish like Neons.

    Also, you may want to get a large group for your tank if you really want them to stand out well and be comfortable. I would get 10 or more personally. I have nearly 40 in my 70g. I started out with 16ish but they bred ;D.
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    I would suggest Florida bred stock. They are so much healthier and brighter. Mine were eating and courting right out of the bag :;th