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HI everyone!

Right now I have 10 neon tetras in a 10 gallon tank (I know that's a little small for them- I took them from my friend who had them all in a 1.5 gallon "tank" and who clearly didn't care about them - and I'm planning to get a 20 gallon as soon as I can).

Anyways, I have a heater in the aquarium right now and it stays right around 77°F, but I've read that neons do better around 75°or so. Will they be okay at 77°, or are there other heaters that only heat a tank to around 75° or could I possibly buy a heater for a smaller tank or something?

Our house stays right around 68° and I don't really have any lights on the aquarium so I'm not sure what the temp in the tank would be if I just removed the heater. Could I remove the heater for a bit to see what the temperature goes to, or what that be too sudden of a temperature change for them?

The neons all seem to be doing great so far, I'm just a bit worried about how the higher temp will affect them in the long run.

Thanks everyone for any advice!


You could get an adjustable heater that way you can set the temp were ever you want. 77 isn't too bad but it can up their metabolism which shortens life span. But they should be fine at that till you can get the larger tank and everything for it.


I personally would keep neons at 72 - 75, that's my preference


I have 9 neons and I normally keep my tank temperature around 71-76

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