Neon Tetra's in a 10 & 1/2 gallon aquarium.

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Shmoked, Jul 2, 2016.

  1. ShmokedNew MemberMember

    Well, I'd like to start off saying hello!!

    This is my first forum post on Fishlore, I've been surfing the forums anonymously reading for the past couple weeks now & I've got some questions regarding my new setup.

    Like the subject reads, I'm currently set up with a new Marineland 10&1/2 gallon aquarium with the Penguin 75 & heater.

    I have a air stone in a corner and two Green mondo grass plants with a couple fake plants and a couple decorations.

    Now, my problem persists with my tap water (living out in the country with well water) it has a reading of:

    Ammonia: 0.0
    Nitrite: 0.0
    Nitrate: 8.0
    Gh: 180
    Kh: 180
    Ph: 8.0

    Since buying the test kit (API Ammonia,Nitrite,Nitrate & test strips) I've been told that the well water is bad but the neighbours and previous home owners haven't had any problems with their water. So coming this week Monday I'll be calling the county water department regarding this issue...

    I was performing a fishless cycle ahead of time until the guys at Big Al's aquarium told me to do a pwc, add prime and Fluval Bio Enhancer and avoid the fishless cycle and just go ahead. So going ahead with his expertise I did so.

    In the mean time, my aquarium water stands as F - 76 degrees and:

    50-75 pwc with prime & 25 ml Fluval

    Fluval 10 ml

    6/25/2016 (5 male neon Tetra's introduced)
    Fluval 10ml
    Ammonia 0.0
    Nitrite 0.0
    Nitrate 8.0

    Ammonia 0.0
    Nitrite 0.0
    Nitrate 8.0

    Ammonia 0.0
    Nitrite 0.0
    Nitrate 8.0

    10-15 % pwc & prime

    Ammonia 0.25
    Nitrite 0.0
    Nitrate 8.0

    15 % pwc & prime
    Ammonia 0.50
    Nitrite 0.25
    Nitrate 8.0

    I went back today to Big Al's and got a magnetic window cleaner because there were a few spots on the glass that needed cleaning and asked about the nitrate problem.

    They told me they have nitrate filter pads that they currently didn't have any in stock (hot item he said) and will have some this coming week.

    I feed the Neon Tetra's once a day with a small amount (about the size of my thumb nail or less) in the morning.

    The day light is on about 8-10 hours a day and remaining blue night light until we go to bed and turn off the lights entirely when we go to bed.

    So. With the info provided here, I've got a couple questions if anyone can point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated.

    What should I do about the Nitrate issue?
    Should I buy the nitrate pads when stock comes in this week?

    I've noticed my ammonia and nitrite start to rise. Is this a good or bad thing?

    Someone told me to stop using Fluval Bio enhancer and replace it with Nutrifin Cycle instead as its more powerful than Fluval, I've got both of them now. Should I?

    The aquarium came with coupons for Marineland Easy Care and I purchased that. Should I use it?

    For my size of aquarium I've been using about 5 - 10 eye drops (less then one cap thread) of prime for each pwc, is this right?

    With my current water situation is it wise to continue with my pwc's?

    I was told I should avoid my tap water and buy RO water for the fish and us. So I bought some RO water in town (26 gallons) to use. Should I switch pwc's to RO water or just get the Nitrate filter pads?

    After reading over my questions and post I've got to shake my head, I'm clearly doing something wrong here.
    I've got too many this and that it seems.

    The fish seem completely fine, no worries so far. So many questions, again I know I'm doing something wrong here. Any help would be great.
  2. clk89Fishlore VIPMember

    Nitrate looks fine to me, you want it at 20 PPM or less. 8.0 Nitrate is fine. Your tap seems fine to me and I wouldn't mess around with doing RO. If you do RO then you also have to add back in the minerals taken out of the water by the RO system. It can be a bit complicated, and doesn't seem necessary since your tap water looks good.

    Ammonia and nitrite rising is not a good thing. I would do a water change to help with that. How often do you do water changes and what amount?

    I am unfamiliar with both fluval bio enchancer and nutrifin cycle so I can't tell you what to do there, what is their purpose?

    I should add that neons are too active for a ten gallon, and should probably be in a twenty gallon.
  3. ShmokedNew MemberMember

    Great, thanks for the quick reply.

    In response in order to your questions I just did a pwc today and the pwc's are provided in the dates above.

    The bio enhancer and Nutrifin are supposedly to aid with cycling and provides beneficial bacteria.

    With the nitrates currently in my tap water doing the pwc's are just replacing old nitrates with new nitrates.. Correct?

    I'm a bit worries about my ammonia and nitrite levels as their rising.
  4. Bbarb27Valued MemberMember

    The water changes are neutral as far as the nitrate goes, but reducing the ammonia and nitrite benefit your fish as your tank cycles. I've not used the additives you have mentioned, but have used Seachem prime to reduce the affect of ammonia on fish during the cycling process.

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