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I[size=10pt] have two neon tetras that I just got yesterday. Their names are Skittles and Happy Chef. I have them in a 1.5 gallon tank. its just the two of them and they have plenty of places to hide. Skittles is quite a bit bigger than Happy Chef though. and Skittles is always chasing after Happy Chef and I dunno if he is nipping at him or just butting him with his head or what!!?? is he doing doing this to be aggressive or to astablish dominance , because its too small of a tank for the twoo, or just because they don't get along? I am very concerned. also they are very pale and not all that active when the light is not on... r they asleep or sick or what? please help , Miley


First, welcome to Fish Lore

If you got your fish just yesterday and put them in a new tank, that means your tank is not cycled. If a tank is not cycled, fish will behave unnaturally and they may even get sick and die. If you're not familiar with the Nitrogen Cycle, please read about it in the Beginners section on Fish Lore. You should also read the rest of the Beginners' articles.

P.S. A 1.5 gallon tank is too small for Neon Tetras. I'd recommend at least a 10 gallon tank for Neons. Neons also need a heated and filtered tank.
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BettaBuddy ~ Miley

thank you for your reply but I am sorry to say that both my neons have died :'( . Miley


Awww... poor fishes. Its hard to lose fish. Especially those cute little neons.:'(

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