neon tetras concerns! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hi guys....

    I have 4 neons in my 10 gallon tank, all of which have been there for about 4 months. I have never had a problem with my tanks (except for plant growth) until now.

    I was watching them eat today and I noticed that 2 of the tetras werent eating and they were spitting the food out. I feed them Hikari micro pellets. I also noticed red gills and my cory was breathing at a faster rate. however the gourami is absolutely fine.

    The tetras colour was fine, their fins were erect, their scales didn't have pimples or bumps and were flat and their eyes were clear. I did a water change and did some testing. here are the results:

    PH: 7.2
    ammonia: 0-0.25

    To me that sounds good. I am testing with an API master test kit which everyone tells me is very accurate.

    Does anyone know what it could be?:;dk does anyone know what I should do? Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:;fru
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    Probably the ammonia. any amount is really bad for them. I think you have to do the daily water changes with Prime until it's 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, and 5-20 nitrates,
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    I agree with Meenu. Ammonia is the most likely reason for your fish's behavior. The red gills in particular is a sign of ammonia poisoning. Your gourami may look fine, but there is most likely still some damage being done to his gills. He may not immediately react to the damage like your other fish are doing because as a labyrinth fish he's not completely dependent on his gills to breathe, but eventually he will show affects of the ammonia if you don't take care of it. The daily water changes will help them get through this mini cycle. You might also want to look into what may have caused the mini cycle so you can take steps to prevent it happening again. Have you recently changed filter cartridges or something like that?
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    Thanks guys!!!

    I have been cleaning the sponge every week (my mistake).which is probably it!!!

    I am doing daily water changes and testing with prime:
    Ammonia: almost undetectable!

    so, i will do daily water changes (just incase!), and stop changing filter media so frequently.
    P.S. great advise +1
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    glad we could all help, i learn something new everyday here.