neon tetra vs beta tail race!!!!

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by Jakob V, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Jakob V

    Jakob VNew MemberMember

    i am asking this because im really considering adding 10 neon tetras to my 20 gallon tank long with drift wood and plenty of live plants with a male beta crown tail and i dont want my beta to kill them but cant the neons just out swim him.
  2. skjl47

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    Hello; I would be more concerned that the neons may take nips at the bettas long fins.
    The neons shold be able to outswim the betta most if not all of the time. The male bettas I have kept have generally had a lack of interest in the other fish in the tank.
    In any event it may work but perhaps have some plan to be able to get them away from each other if a problem does arise.
  3. OP
    Jakob V

    Jakob VNew MemberMember

    dividers im gonna keep him on 1 side for a week and if he doesnt flair alot i will take the divider out.
  4. Faber1790

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    Since he's been in the tank it will help to rearrange your decor so he hasn't yet established his territory in it. Make sure the neon have hiding and keep a careful eye on it. A backup plan is also a must if you do decide to do this. Sometimes it will workout for months and then your betta will decide he doesn't like other fish. Best of luck!