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Discussion in 'Neon Tetra' started by Kimberly4403, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. Kimberly4403

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    What is an appropriate temp range for neon tetras?? Im getting mixed messages because when i stocked my 40g all my fish were "compatible" according to people on fishlore but now ive moved my guys to a 75g and im being told my current stock is no longer compatible that i should rehome my tetra?

    40g stocking was:
    1x DG
    1x BN
    6x cherry barbs
    6x sterbai cory
    10x neon tetra

    75g stocking is currently all of the above but with addition of:
    1x peppermint BN
    6x SAE

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  2. DTurner

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    Hey Kimberly,

    Neons can be kept in a pretty varied temp range, However from my experience with them anywhere form 74 to 82 works well. One morning I woke up and my heater had stopped working and my temp was 70 and they were not active much, then once i got the backup heater in there i noted them all gathering around the heater.

    I keep my 20G with Neons in it at about 75* F.

    As far as compatible with a 75G tank there is ample space for as I had barbs at one point and know they can be semi-aggressive in smaller spaces.

    I am not the greatest when it comes to whats compatible however but I think you should be fine
  3. chromedome52

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    Recommended temperature for Neons is 72-76 F, or 22-24 C. For breeding, one should never keep them above 75. Yes, they will live at 80, but their resistance to disease is greatly reduced, and their lifespan is half as long. You can keep Goldfish at 80, but is it appropriate? The recommended temperature has risen over the years somehow, and most online profiles simply copy someone else rather than doing their own research.

    Neons come from the upper Amazon, in Peru. The slightly higher altitudes and closer proximity to the cold waters coming off the mountains result in cooler waters. A lot of people forget to factor in altitude as an influence on water temperatures.

    It has been suggested that commercially bred Neons have "evolved" to tolerate higher temperatures. I think that only the hardiest and most adaptable fish survive the commercial process, allowing them to tolerate the abuse, but the best range remains in the low 70s. Fish from the far east are raised in crowded conditions, and antibiotics are overused to prevent disease under such conditions. This leaves them with little or no resistance when removed from the heavily treated water. The numbers used for commercial breeding preclude the risk of weakened genetics, as some have suggested.
  4. OP

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    Ok so really i should rehome my neons ok

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