Neon Tetra Nipping plants?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Willhelm, Jun 26, 2016.

  1. WillhelmNew MemberMember

    Hi guys,

    As the title says, anyone here experience their Neons nipping their plants? I keep seeing debris of a plant flying here and there was a large patch of leaves under one Neon, when he swam away the debri just flew up. So, I'm suspecting they are nipping it, but didnt really see it with my own eyes.

    It is not a food problem either. I feed them twice a day. Early morning 8~9am and then late afternoon 5~6pm. Water parameters are great. 0 0 20. ph 7.6. 5.5 gallon with 7 neons.

    They were always hiding until I got the plants below. Now they are more daring to come out but still stays at the bottom. Only when I'm away do they swim further up to the top or middle section. (I was hiding behind the doors and peeked at them)

    View attachment 20160625_103647.jpg
    The plant I was mentioning is the one on the left, with needle like leaves. I keep seeing one or 2 piece floating every now and then.
  2. MikeRad89Well Known MemberMember

    I doubt it. That's hornwort. It's sheds leaves like crazy. I took it out of my tank after a month. The only tetra I've known to actively eat plants are red eye tetra.
  3. WillhelmNew MemberMember

    Oh... That's a Hornwort!? It looks fatter from the ones I see online. So it's normal for them to shed, not a sign its dying right... haha....
  4. tokiodreamyWell Known MemberMember

    A lot of plants like that tend to shed their bottom spines when planted in the substrate. I've never seen neons eat plants. I've kept them for about 4-5 years and never saw one eat plants.

    Also 5.5g is way too small for neon tetras. They need 20g long for their activity and larger school numbers.
  5. WillhelmNew MemberMember

    Yes I understand that 5.5 is small. I will be moving them when I'm able to afford a bigger tank. This was an old tank I assembled together and saw videos of other fish keepers doing great with neons in a 5.5g. That's why I went ahead.

    Would love to house then in a 20g heavily planted

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