Neon Tetra Fin And Mouth Rot Help

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  1. XxdranenxxxNew MemberMember

    My neon tetras have developed fin rot and now this morning I notice white on one of their mouth. My water was cycled prior to putting them in and parameters are ph 7.4, ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrates 10. I do weekly 20% water changes. I have them in a 55 gallon tank along with 4 angel fish, 6 kuhli loaches, 3 albino pleco. I'm wondering what can I use to clear this up without harming the other fish in particular the loaches. I do not have access to a quarantine tank at this time.

    I'm in the process of escaping a planted 45 gallon I was going to put the tetras in but that wont nbe ready anytime soon 20180715090416s.jpg1531830573505.jpg
  2. Hatchet5467New MemberMember

    It sounds like your fish are definitely suffering from fin rot, and the white growth is a type of fungus. This is a sign of poor water quality. You need to up your water changes and do several deep gravel vacs. Treat the tank with Melafix and Pimafix and continue doing numerous 25-30% water changes every 2-3 days until it clears up.
  3. XxdranenxxxNew MemberMember

    I have sand which was just put in there a week prior to this starting. I keep the sand cleaned and have been doing 25% changes daily since noticing this 3 days ago
  4. Hatchet5467New MemberMember

    Keep it up and dose the medications, which are sold on Amazon, and the problem will go away with time.
  5. DoubleDutchFishlore LegendMember

    Probably the neon-specific strain of Columnaris bacteria.
  6. XxdranenxxxNew MemberMember

    Arent those meds hard on loaches?
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  7. Hatchet5467New MemberMember

    They should not harm the loaches.