Neon Tetra Disease

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    I bought 7 Neon Tetras about 2 weeks ago and they started dieing off in a week span. I would find a dead Neon Tetra everyday in the morning and take it out of the tank. This one time when I woke up at 8 in the morning I saw a guppy nipping at a dead neon tetra!!! Last Wednesday i found a guppy with a bent tail and a different day i found another guppy with a white patch on its back I put them in a small tank. I checked one of my Danios today and there is one that also started getting a bent tail. Both of the fishes with the bent tails were chased around a lot (The guppy is pregnant and the Danio is different from the others for having a brighter pink color). Is there any way to get the Neon Tetra Disease out of the main tank? I am also treating the fish in the main tank for ich. I heard that diatom filters can help but they are too expensive for my budget.
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    No, I do not know my readings for my ammonia, nitrite, and nitrates. I need to get a water parameter test. I will try to get one this week. My tank has been up for at least 1 month and a week with guppies and a betta. I think my nitrate levels should be low because my 13 plants cover about like 60% of the tank
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    NTD is terrible. The best way to control it is to remove and destroy suspect fish AS SOON AS you see something MIGHT be wrong with it.

    I'm not confirming you in fact have NTD....
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    When my pregnant guppy died its eyes were pure black!!! Is this one of the symptoms of NTD because 1 of my other guppies are getting it!!! D: My sick Danio is not having problems with swimming, his color has been the same as the day I got this fella, the only symptom he has is a slight bending of the tail. Should I isolate him into a different tank?
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    There is no cure for NTD. You can quarantine suspect fish until you're sure, but when you're sure the humaine thing to do is destroy the fish, as death is inevitable and surely painful. The disease is spread by fish consuming infected fish. This includes fin nips. That's why it spreads so fast in tetras. As I said earlier, the best way to handle it is to remove suspected fish ASAP, that way the healthy fish don't nip the sick ones and get infected.