Neon Tetra Disease? Question

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Neon tetra disease?

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  1. Slyv New Member Member

    Hi guys,
    Can someone tell me if they think my fish has neon t  etra disease or maybe hes just stressed? He swims around just fine and is eating well. Looks a little bloated in this pic but he just ate. He does act a little bit like a loner and doesnt school with the other fish sometimes. I quarantined him for now until I can figure out what's going on with him.

  2. Slyv New Member Member

      more pictures of my neon tetra
  3. DoubleDutch Fishlore Legend Member

    I'd defintely get it out. I doubt it is NTD but it defintely isn't good !
  4. Redshark1 Fishlore VIP Member

    The area where the colours of the fish have gone and been replaced with a whitish colour is called necrosis.

    This is where the disease had invaded the muscle tissue, killed it and is feeding on it.

    This disease has been shown to be caused by the Columnaris bacterium.

    Neon Tetra Disease is something which looks the same but is in fact much less common and caused by a different kind of micro-organism. This is Pleistophora, which has not been properly classified yet but is often lumped into that catch-all group, the Protozoa.

    As Columnaris is contagious I would remove this heavily infected fish.

    I have only been able to cure fish with this disease by providing good environmental conditions not be using medications.

    Fish with minor symptoms including small white patches on the fins, mouth and body can recover.

    Fish with the infection in the muscle or gills have always died in my experience.

    Sometimes the fish carry minor symptoms around with them for the rest of their lives.
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  5. Slyv New Member Member

    So what do you suggest I do with the fish? Should he be euthanized even though he is swimming well and eating? I feel terrible.
  6. Redshark1 Fishlore VIP Member

    Yes I felt terrible too but I got used to euthanising dying Neons when they suffered too much in order to get to a point where I had a healthy shoal.

    Since he is swimming and eating well you could leave it until he cannot manage any longer.

    The disease is contagious but I think once the bacteria are in the tank the others will probably have been exposed to it already.

    Probably best to avoid leaving a dead fish in there though.

    My suggestion is that in optimum conditions the immune system of the fish will put up a good fight against the disease and some Neons will be able to survive.

    How many you got? What do they look like? Any symptoms? How confident are you of providing optimum environmental conditions?