Neon Tetra Disease?

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HI everyone,
So: here's the deal. I have neons in a tank with glowlights.

I used to have more, most recently I euthanised a neon because it looked to have the symptoms of neon tetra disease. 3 days after doing so I have found one of my other neons dead in the tank- but it had no signs of the disease. I know neons can get aggressive towards each other when their numbers get too low but he doesn't look like he got attacked either. Nor does he have red gils.

Do you think it was neon tetra disease with no symptoms? I haven't been able to find any additional info online about how they can get it from each other...can it be passed along or do they each need to have come into contact with a dead fish with the disease? The last time they came into contact with a dead fish was a panda cory many weeks ago so I don't know why they would be contracting the disease now if they got it then...

What do I do? Just wait for my other fish in the tank and hope they don't die?!?!

I actually also have more neons and glowlights in a quarantine tank (new) waiting to be added to my current school...when will the green light be to add them to the possibly infected tank? if no other fish dies for a week am I in the clear?
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Ok neon tetra disease occurs when that fish eats infected metieran such as a nibble from a dead fish or live food. So remove the dead fish. And set up a quartine tank for the infected one. So he won’t spread the disease.Sadly there is no cure for tetra disease. Oops sorry I mean yeah you should probably be fine after a week maybe wait for two weeks to be sure
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If it would have been a different species that died, would the question be the same?

What I mean to say is that everyone comes up with NTD when it is about a dieing neon that obly gave its name to the disease cause it was diagnosed for the first time in a neon.

All fish can get this disease, it is quite rare,
highly contagious, showing all kinds of symptoms, etc. etc...

Soooo I don't think it was NTD !
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The diffrence between neon tetra and a bacterial infection is quite ovbious
Bacterial infection is white powder and tail rot
NTD is brown skin lesion and bent spines
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