Neon Tetra disease? Or tough case of ich?



I have a 20 gallon long with 7 neons, a bumble goby, and a betta. ive had this group of neons for a about 6-7 months now but one of them has always seemed off. his body is looks skinny but in a wavy disproportionate kinda way. about 4-5 months ago they got ich so I quarantined the neons in a 5 gallon and treated with ich x and maracyn. After about a week everyone seemed to be doing better, even the weird one. So, about 2 months ago I moved them back to my 20 gallon main and now recently about 3-4 days ago THAT one fish had ich and torn fins. and I see him nip at the other neons. I also noticed that another 2 neons had spots too.
So for about 4 days now ive been doing water changed and keeping the temp at about 84-86F. after about 2 water changed in the past 4 days all the neons except THAT one has spots. should I take that one out and treat with maracyn and ich in a 5g? or just keep doing the water change/high temp thing for about a week?

I know Its kind of a weird situation but I think that neon maybe has neon tetra disease? If that is true is he going to only cause problems?


Do you have any pics? It's more likely the ich has returned as NTD presents differently although that may be going on with the oddly shaped one.
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