neon tetra disease? Grrrrrre.... Rams immune?

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    Neon Tetra Disease
    [HR][/HR]I just picked up 14 Neon Tetras 24 hours ago.

    This morning I woke up to 3 neon tetras stuck to my filter and 1 upside down.
    My LFS had a lot of dead fish yesterday...I shouldn't have bought them.
    Even the bag of water smelled unusually fishy.

    They say it's a PH problem because my PH is tap 7.6. The same guy that says all his fish are from florida and the PH is high so just keep it stable. I could tell he's lying, but enough of my rant.

    Below are the details of my tank

    20 gallon tall
    0, 0, 7.6ph (parameters)
    temperature in the 80's

    2 electric blue rams
    few brichardi fry

    Why do I suspect NTD? - third of the fish's body turned white
    some of the fish had fin rot on caudal fin

    The rest of the neons are in the freezer currently.

    I am just worried about the Rams and the brichardi fry.
    I'm pretty sure I saw one of my rams pick at one of the infected...

    I know Angelfish and other tetras are susceptible to this disease.
    Would my rams and brichardi fry be ok????

    Also i have a 45 gallon community tank... Do i need to get new equipment such as net, bucket, syphon to keep the disease from spreading to my other tank?
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    Hmmm.... Did you notice any lumps on dead fish, or odd spine curvature? If not, you likely have something completely different. Sorry about your fishies. I believe rams are not immune, but I think you are dealing with something else.