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Discussion in 'Neon Tetra' started by Mealor, Apr 19, 2018.

  1. MealorValued MemberMember

    Hi I have a tank with neon tetra deseiese I have tried to treat them for cotton wool mouth originally and then with Malifix once a day for a week week off and a week again and no improvement I have around 30 and it came in through an infected fish by the time I realised I had 30 and some with white cysts some without so the ones I had bought had been in the tabk and infected the others or so I assumed and no way to tell which where original fish and which were not so I put all 30 into a q tank and all are infected nothing I can do i no but what do I do euthanize 30 fish or let it slowly eat them away i hate killing things but I would rather that than them suffer so any advise for these 30 I'll fish
    To clear up it had been a day by the time I realise done had a white cyst and that's when I took all of them out as I didn't no which where new and which were not as I added 7 and had 23
  2. david1978Fishlore LegendMember

    that is a tough one. I did much worse which has taught me the value of quarantining new fish.
  3. A. RozhinValued MemberMember

    If there is no chance of them living, and they are going to have a painful death (with eroding quality of life before that), I personally would euthanize. I just had to do with with my dwarf gourami, who had DGD. No cure, no chance of getting better, he was suffering. I'd already lost his tankmate to DGD, so, I did what I thought was humane once he started showing hardcore symptoms. It would be really hard with so many fish, I realize, and only you can decide. I just thought it might help to hear from someone who did make that choice, and would not judge.
  4. MealorValued MemberMember

    Well I have a few with bad signs but some with me not mild would you recommend doing it over time or just the lot I have euthanized the odd fish now and again If I no I can't save them but 30 at once just seems a lot to do but there all in one tank which was a tabk I used before this and I now have gaurami angels and Kribs and a shark all in the same tank its a 240 litre but still its made life difficult so the lot going would help and I'm moving house next week the other tanks been moved already its just difficult I juts wanted to know what people would do I no there's nothing I can do for them I just didnt no how long Is human to let them live they all feed like mad and swim around still but there covered in cycts most of them small ones but some have really large ones and like I say I tried treating them with anti fungals anti bacterials and nothing so I no its NTD so Yeh any more advise would be great
  5. A. RozhinValued MemberMember

    I'm really sorry you're going through this.

    If you do know they are all sick, visibly so, you know they won't get better. Only you can make the decision, but if you did have to euthanize them, I think all at once might be kindest, because at least they'd all be together with their school and would feel okay about things as their last experience. They don't like to be separated from each other, you know? I know that sounds super corny, but I do believe that.

    I hope you find a solution that is right for you. You obviously care about them, so whatever you decide will be the right choice. It was very hard with my gourami, because though I knew what he had was fatal, I had this, "but should I still let him live a little longer" thing in my mind. It's hard. I think I made the right decision, because the other fish were stressed by him (he could not swim right). And also, I was worried about him dying at night and the ammonia problem would be bad for the others. Maybe thinking about those factors will help.
  6. MealorValued MemberMember

    How do I euthanize 30 at once electrocute them clove oil but its a big tank not every one has symptoms but they have been together alone for the last 4 "weeks but I don't want to take the chance as they could all the few that haven't got cysts have it as well and no cysts yet and I don't wanna screw up my other tank so better safe than sorry its just the way it's explained about the color fading it's not really its just white growths but I treated for that they do swim but they are lazy around the bottom. Half of the tank and split into 2 fractions either side nuts for food but then docile again does not his sound right

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