Neon or Cardinal? Which will you choose?

  1. h

    hyun007 Valued Member Member

    Will you prefer a school of neon tetra or a school of cardinal?

    The advantage for Cardinal is that it is more hardy.
    A little bit bigger and cost a little more than the neon tetra.

    Although if one success to keep the Neon alive for a long time, it is consider an achievement.

    If you have a choice, which one will you guys pick and why?
  2. Slug

    Slug Well Known Member Member

    Cardinals, they look better.
  3. Jaysee

    Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    I have a school of 12 neons. i cant get cardinals around here.

  4. craigsharp

    craigsharp New Member Member

    Cardinals are much better to look at, especially when the lights are on them.
  5. Aquarist

    Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    Good morning,
    I really like the Cardinals. Too, they aren't susceptible to Neon Tetra Disease.
  6. Goldwing_Don

    Goldwing_Don Well Known Member Member

    Cardinals... they make any soft water tank look better...they also get big enought that Angels and Discus can't eat them..not that they don't
  7. t

    talvin7111 New Member Member

    CARDINALS they look better then neons but best in shoals.
    plus they're easier to take care of.
  8. LyndaB

    LyndaB Fishlore Legend Member

    Definitely cardinals. They are just gorgeous in the tank, they're really healthy and they have a really pleasant personality amongst themselves and with the other fish. :;jaws
  9. angel_scout

    angel_scout Well Known Member Member

    I can't say by experience but by looks I would definitely say the cardinal tetra. They are so pretty.
  10. D

    DaveofTN Valued Member Member

    I have had both, and I must say the cardinals are prettier which is what I currently have. However, to argue the other side, even if neons die quicker, you can normally buy 3-6 neons for 1 cardinal. So even if a neon dies, it's no big deal.

    Also, if you get 2 neons for every cardinal, then you can easily have a school of 10 neons which will be prettier than say 6 cardinals. In my experience, neons tend to stay closer together than cardinals. In my 55 gallon tank, the cardinals will almost disperse throughout the tank and eventually recongregate.
  11. LyndaB

    LyndaB Fishlore Legend Member

  12. Tigerfishy

    Tigerfishy Well Known Member Member

    I've had both and preferred the cardinals. Having said that I recently decided to go for more tetras and cold not get the cardinals anywhere. So i went for neons, got them home to begin acclimation when the bottom fell out of the bag their bag was in and it fell on the floor.

    Expecting the worst, I picked up the bag and the 5 neons were still swimming about. I acclimated and set them free, again thinking there would be none left by next morning. Now I have 3 left but the 2 that died got stuck in my death filter before I replaced it, so they did good after their bag dropped to the floor from table height! I'm proud of them, but it will be cardinals in future if I decide to keep them long term.

    They do look nice and as my community is 60l, they are not too big for it either!
  13. C

    Candymancan Valued Member Member

    I like neons.. I never liked the whole red strip on cardinals. I hear cardinals tho are more hardy then neons tho
  14. TedsTank

    TedsTank Well Known Member Member

    I really like both!! Cardinals for the red and neons have a more flashy blue. They do school togather or at least all hang out in the same neighborhood. It makes the tank more interesting....especially to friends who try to figure out why the fish seem slightly different!!!
  15. bassbonediva

    bassbonediva Fishlore VIP Member

    I prefer neons. It also helps that the choice was kind of made for me (I wanted both in the 55gal) because the only store in the area that carried the cardinals stopped carrying them. :p But, I have 12 neons in the 55gal right now (soon to be 15 this weekend) and I love the little things! They stand out really well against the driftwood and white background I have and they are adventurous little things.
  16. b

    beautyfish New Member Member

    Cardinals hands down. Prettier, Hardier, Easier.
  17. C

    Candymancan Valued Member Member

    If thats your reason then you should look up neons again.. Neon tetra get the same size as cardinals do.. Up to 1 1/2 to 2inch..

    Personally i like neon tetra's better, Cardinals have to mcuh red in them, its doesnt look good to me at all also its a proven fact the Blue is easier on the mind and eyes to look at and makes its easier to relax. Humans Evolved see'ing a blue sky and they research on this and blue was said to make people more calms then any other color.... Also i think neons prefer low PH water, i think the problem with people having dead neons, is there PH is to high.. Anything above 6.8 IMO is to high for neons.
  18. h

    headsy Valued Member Member

    i bought the neons because they were cheaper so i could aford a larger group of them, i have 18 swimming around ina large shoul atm
  19. ppate1977

    ppate1977 Well Known Member Member

    I prefer cardinals, but also have neons and glow light tetras. They all school together and the variety is cool.