Neon near surface?

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    This morning, when I turned on my lights, I was doing my standard check of the tank. I noticed one of my tetras was hanging out in some plastic plants I float for some surface area cover. I thought he might have felt trapped, so I tapped the plants down to give him plenty of room to get back down with his school. But he is still hanging out at the top. Water parameters before Sunday's pwc: 0, .25, 40.


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    well i am assuming that the params are in order of ammonia, nitrite, nitrate. meaning 0 ammonia, .25 nitrite, and 40 nitrate. if this is the case then you are probably going through a mini cycle and the neon is not taking to it kindly. i would do another water change (50-75%) and check the params again.
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    Thanks for the responses. I went to the gym and the grocery store and now I don't see any neons near the surface. However, I am having the most ridiculous time trying to count them all in their school so I can't tell if the little guy is missing or not :-/ I spent time looking all around the bottom and haven't spotted him yet. Either he's feeling better and back with his school, or he died and the shrimp already got to him. Le sigh. Will update once I can get a headcount

    ETA: I haven't noticed any changes in color, no. His color was still very nice and vibrant, he was just surface dwelling. He did eat when I fed them this morning, so idk.