Neon green saddleback endlers...


A project I've been working on since last year is a black bar endler without the red markings on its body. To those who know the standard black bar endler, the colors are green, red (or orange) and black. I used to keep the limegreen endler (commercial trade may call them emerald green endlers). This is an N-class endler from the Cumana region in Venezuela. But after keeping them for over a decade, I've sold them all to someone else. But I do like the prominent look of the green on the body. So, last year I've decided to work on a neon green endler by using black bar endlers (females in this case). The other breeding factor was using Asian blau (that's a grey silvery bodied guppy with blue parts in the skin). Asian blau has got the ability to eliminate red color cells as much as possible. But you're not already done in the F1 offspring. It still takes a number of generations before this trait will breed true. And don't forget to cull.
The green on the bodies of the males are becoming prominent by now.

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