Neon Dwarf Rainbowfish Care Sheet


Neon Dwarf Rainbowfish
(Melanotaeina praecox)

Common names:
Dwarf neon rainbowfish, Neon rainbowfish, Dwarf rainbowfish, Praecox rainbowfish

Size: 6cm

pH: 6.0 – 8.0

Tempº: 22ºC - 28ºC (71 F - 82 F)

Tank region: Middle/Top

Origin: New Guinea

Gender: Males have red fins, Females have yellow and sometimes deep orange fins.

Notes: These are active, pretty and hardy fish. They’re amazing neon colour will brighten up any tank. Dwarf rainbows are totally peaceful – but need to be kept in a school of at least 6. They will be at their best in a Planted tank with some free swimming space and a dark substrate. These fish can be a little pricey, however. So, watch the wallet!

Image: A pair of males.

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