Nelson the goldfish bottom sitting


I honestly have no clue what’s wrong.
He has been bottom sitting for a week now, not really eating much (although he will eat a bite here and there), and just not acting like himself at all.

Checked all water parameters and they are good. Everything is where it should be. Temperature was good. Everyone else is acting perfectly fine.

I’m hoping he’s just pouty and mad because I took his favorite decoration out of the tank. (I had to because Cheeto got stuck in it and then I noticed Baby Luna in it as well) Honestly this behavior started when I took that out. This is a bit dramatic and has lasted a little long for it to just be that.

I pulled him out today and put him quarantine with a little aquarium salt and am just going to watch and see for a few days.
I was also able to get a good close look at him and he looks fine. No visible parasites, no scales sticking out so I have no reason to think it’s dropsy, he can swim just fine when he feels like and has no issues with it so I don’t think it’s a swim bladder issue.
I haven’t seen him poop but I also haven’t seen him eat much but he also doesn’t look like he’s lost weight or anything.
He has me stumped.


they can sometimes be like that when something major changes.

but he could be sick, but so difficult to diagnose unless there are other obvious symptoms.


The only “major” change is taking out that large decoration and moving some plants around to fill in the empty space.

He seems to have perked up a little in the qt tank.

Other than bottom sitting for the past week he has no other symptoms.


He passed away overnight. Absolutely no clue what was wrong.


I'm really sorry to hear that BabsandLoon :(

This sounds like one of my baby goldfish the past few days. He's quieter and more shy than the other two so I didn't really notice it at first. This morning he was sitting at the bottom and panting and I was getting concerned.

The water parameters were fine and the other two fish were zipping around as usual, so I'm a bit clueless as to what was going on. So I did a 50% water change and swished the muck out of the filter in the old water, even though I cleaned it all 2 days ago. The gravel did still seem a bit mucky when I vacuumed it again.

I wasn't sure if it was swim bladder so I cradled him near the surface for a while for extra oxygen and managed to get a morsel of mashed pea down him (although he wasn't really hungry), then encouraged him to swim around near the surface a bit, while I held my hand underneath him and kept gently tapping him back up.

I didn't want to stress him out so I let him rest at the bottom after a little while and I left a bit of algae wafer near him. The other two fish were hovering around to check on him too. He had a bit of wafer after a while and gradually started moving around to check for food on the bottom.

He's swimming around normally now and eating again, but like you I'm not really sure what happened.

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