Needing some new plants 40 Gallon Tank

Discussion in 'Aquarium Plants' started by Waterhobit, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. Waterhobit

    WaterhobitValued MemberMember

    I am loving the direction this tank is headed, but I feel like there is still a couple things that are not quite right.
  2. renthusWell Known MemberMember

    Do you have any pictures, or specific things you're looking for? How's your lighting? Etc.

    Also, when I'm in the mood for a plant upgrade, I just go to peabody's and spend more money that I probably should because I know it'll all be amazing and I can make it work.
  3. OP

    WaterhobitValued MemberMember

    The HOB filters have been removed from this tank and replaced by a canister filter. My home-made intake bar just didn't work out for me, lol. I gonna do just a little re-arranging of the rocks on the left as indicated by the blue and green circles/arrows.

    The broad leaf sag and the willow hygro just isn't gonna work out for me the way I wanted it to, and all of my italian vals stopped growing at an 1-2 inches. I will likely be replacing the hygro and sag in the area of the large orange circle with crypt spiralis, since my other crypts are doing so well.

    I am trying to figure out what might work best in the far left orange circle under the power head, and at the red and purple circles. The purple would be something sitting behind the rocks. The substrate level is pretty low back there, so it should be something with decent height. I suppose some of my red wendtii or the bacopa could work, or even some more spiralis, or a large type anubias.

    What do yall think? My biggest question is what to fill the orange and red circles around the rocks. Something that will stay relatively short, or can be easily kept trimmed to the desired size.

    Keep in mind that sag and vals don't seem to do well in here. Oh, and I dose at weekly water changes with flourish and excel.
  4. OP

    WaterhobitValued MemberMember

    I'm sorry this is so fragmented. I have issues uploading pictures when I'm at work. Can a mod please combine this and previous post into original post?

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  5. OP

    WaterhobitValued MemberMember

    So, I went to re-arange the rocks and ended up moving some plants around and fixed several of the things that I didn't like.


    Since my broad leaf sag isn't growing any taller, I figured I would make use of it up front. I am hoping it will still grow a couple more inches, but if it ever takes off, I will need to move or remove it. Anybody have ideas for a replacement? (Red)

    I moved my crypt lutea and "Florida Sunset" wendtii to over by the rocks. If the wendtii grows more, I may need to remove either it or the lutea. (Blue)

    I hope to fill the open space in the center where the broadleaf sag and the willow hygro used to be, probably with crypt spiralis. (White)

    I like the way the willow hygro looks behind the rock pile, and I'm sure it will look even better when it fills in. I split each of the 3 stems, so I would think it will probably double in compact-ed-ness. (Purple).

    I need to fill the open space between it and the crypts with something. I could fill the space with bacopa, or when the hygro and crypts propogate again, I could just fill the space with one or both of them. (Yellow)

    The space of front has several young crypts, although I mixed the red wendtii's and undulata. In a few weeks this may look great, but eventually it will just look crowded so I would like to replace it with something. I did notice that my dwarf sag, though not getting taller, have started propagating. So I may try to fill it in with those. (Green)

    You can barely see the bacopa now. I split each stem into several pieces, so when it grows back it should grow back thick. (Black)

    What do yall think of the changes?

    Any suggestions for replacing the plants that will overgrow their space?

    What experiences have yall had with crypt spiralis?

    Has anyone had broadleaf sag (chillensis) that stayed short?
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