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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Millerchamp, Jun 13, 2016.

  1. MillerchampNew MemberMember

    Ok so I have a 40gal breeder, I have 2 filters a 10-20 ad 30-40. All 40 gal gets cycled 4-5 times per hour. I have one rainbow shark, dwarf chilild ( not agrissive at all surprisingly.) 3 Molly's, 2 sword tails, a snail, 2 tiger bards, 2 tetras, 2 plecos, 1 platy, and a shark. (Can't remember the name, he has stripes and big eyes like Blackmore goldfish) and a pictus catfish, along with one more catfish. Those are still living I did have 2 balas one was new another 5 months in my tank and a dragon eel. They died all the same day. Now this tank is cycled iv had it around 7 months. I have battled a fungus on a molly I had and now battling it again on my pitcus. My water is good. Nitrates and ammonias are in a really safe range. Water is hard not very hard tho. PH is around 6.8-7. I have a skull and 2 logs for fish to hide along with some fake plants. Also have a peace of drift wood. Water temp stays around 74-76. I do weekly 10 gal water changes i do sifen the gravel and Use prime to remove chlorine and stuff. An I use api stress coat plus. Now I now my fish did not die from using melafix. They died befor treatment and them diein made be see my pictus has a rash. Iv been doing everything right I don't understand why they died. Can anyone help shed some light on the matter. Thank you for your response in advance. Millerchamp.
  2. MillerchampNew MemberMember

    Also I do have a bubble stone
  3. PeacefantasyWell Known MemberMember

    You have many stocking issues..
    Not only should rainbow sharks have a 55g minimum, but there should only be one shark in a tank, as they are very territorial.
    Tiger Barbs are schooling fish and should be in a group of 6+. The other tetras..what kind are they? If you dont know, you can post a picture of them and we can help ID them. Same for the other catfish and plecos.
    Pictus catfish also need a 55g tank minimum as well as a group of 6+.
    And the Balas.. im sorry you lost them. But your tank isnt appropriate for them either. They get HUGE

    You say your water is "good".. what are your exact parameters and what are you testing with?
  4. MillerchampNew MemberMember

    Thank you for your reply. With stocking issues, should I get rid of my rainbow? And my plecos are the only 2 big fish I have. Its about time to find them a bigger home. My pictus is fairly small right now he was 2 inches when I got him, iv had him bout a month now. Anyways my water being good. I use 2 ml of prime per 5 gal. I have 3 pre filled 5 gal jugs. 1 capped off to keep my son from tipping the 2 open ones and if I need a little extra water. I let the chlorine evap from the jugs. And I also add just 5 ml of api stress coat every water change. When I change my filters before going into the tank, in a separate bowl I pre dip my filters in very little 1 ml of tetra safestart. Right now I have had to cut the carbon out of the filters for my melafix treatment.
  5. MillerchampNew MemberMember

    Well I think I might have found the problem. This fungus thing has gotten out of control. Could I be over feeding? I only give them a pinch of tropical flake a day and once a week 2 blocks of blood worms.
  6. PeacefantasyWell Known MemberMember

    When it comes to the shark and pictus, yes you should either get a bigger tank or rehome them. Anders247 TexasDomer can help you with stocking, im sure. aliray can help you determine what kind of plecos you have

    How long has your tank been established? With you having Prime, the evaporation of chlorine process youre doing is a waste of time.. To do a water change, remove 50% water with a gravel vac, add prime, fill back up with tap water.
    It is very important that you're doing water changes and not just readding water. You have fish with very high bioloads
  7. alirayFishlore VIPMember

    Could you post pictures of the plecos? unless you know what kind they are. If they are common pleco, they get huge . There are other types that stay more reasonable in size like BN Plecos, clown pleco, rubber lipped pleco they all grow about 4 to 6 inches full grown. versus up to 2 feet. Welcome to the forum and glad you joined us. Alison:;hi1
  8. MillerchampNew MemberMember

    Sorry it has taken so long for me to reply. I ended up losing my plecos. So I rehomed all the fish to Petco and told them they may have possible fungus, red rash. They said they do what they can for them. So I'm starting over. I am getting new rock, filters, and air pump. I want to plant a tank at some point as well. So what are your suggestion's? Thank you so much or trying to help. ( )Starting new thread

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