Needing Advice On Fluke Infested Snails

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Baileynote, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. BaileynoteNew MemberMember

    i have been dealing with flukes for months. I’ve done a slime coat scrape to confirm and have talked to 2 vets. I have finally realized the medication I have tried (everything. Peroxide dips, prazipro, gen cure) is not affecting the flukes because they are up in my snail’s shells. That must’ve given them enough time to repopulate each week or so after treatment. I have 100+ snails in this pond (ramshorn) and I really love them I would hate to kill them. I’ve pulled my fish from the pond and they are getting prazipro (not getting better btw). What do I do!? Kill the snails, bomb the pond? With what? And then what about my filter media?
  2. sarah.grobbelaarNew MemberMember

    Oh no!!
    Could you speak with a marine biologist or look on google for marine biologists forum & ask there?
    Maybe finding out a stockist of ramshorn and asking them?

    If they’re inside the shell & aren’t being touched by the treatments your using, then maybe speaking with someone who deals with pond snails on a large scale will know what treatments to use or if it would be saying goodbye.

    I hope there’s someone here who I can help, i’m sorry I couldn’t