Need Your Expertise On Overstocking Bottom Feeders!

Is it overstocked?

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I need suggestions on solutions to make my aquarium better. I feel like I'm stuck and can't come up with a good solution myself because I like all the catfishes that's in there. But I'm also very clear on that something has to change because the previous owner hasn't taken into care what's best for the fishes.

What I want to do...
- enlarge the group of penguin tetras from 5 to 10 because I think they would swim together more then and be happier.
- enlarge the group of rainbowfishes Boesemani from 6 to 10 mostly because it's to many males so 4 more females to stop the contests.
- enlarge the corydoras catfish group of 2 corydoras Swartzy to 6 in total because it should be 6.
- enlarge the corydoras catfish sterbai from 1 to 6.

My questions:
- Is the tank overstocked now?
- Will the tank be overstocked with my changes?
- What fishes would you have kept and what would you sell? (I kind of already know it's overstocked at the bottom but I've haven't been doing aquariums for so long so I kind of want a second opinion)
- Could you give me some idea to how to decorate the tank into catfish areas so many catfishes can have their share of the bottom area and not get into conflicts? Is there such a solution?

The aquarium:
I have a 92 gallon (350 litre) juwel aquarium that's 47.64 inches long (121 cm) and 25.98 inches high (66cm) and 19.68 inches deep (50cm). It runs with two Eheim Pro+4 600 canister filter. I do weekly water changes of 50%. I have 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 5-10mg/l (ppm) nitrate when I test with droptest. I always have crystal clear water. The aquarium is clearly well maintained and oversized with the filters. And maybe it can take some overstocking...

I bought it with fishes and in my opinion it's overstocked at the bottom. In the middle and high region it's ok when I look at the aquarium and how they behave.

The fishes from top to bottom:
5 penguin tetras (Thayeria boehlkei)
6 rainbowfishes Boesemani
2 Hoplo catfish
2 Corydoras schwartzi
1 Corydoras Sterbai
2 Spotted Bulldog Pleco L445 (it's like 2.7" now and gets to be 4.7")
2 Blue panaque L239 (one is 3,2" fullsize and the other a little bit smaller)
1 Orinoco Angel Pleco L201 (it's like 3.1" now and gets to be 4.7")
2 Mega Clown Pleco L340 (it's like 1.9" now and gets to be 3.1")
2 Colombian Zebra Pleco L129 (2.8")
3 Kuhli Loaches (Pangio kuhlii)

I can see that the two Spotted Bulldog Pleco has divided the tank up in two parts that they rule. They chase some of the other catfishes when they come near. The Orinoco Angel Pleco sometimes chases the others off but not always. And the other catfishes seem to get along really well even under feeding. Almost all the catfishes are out during the day and at a fist glance it doesn't seem overstocked because everyone has their little nuck. But as I feel sorry for the Corydoras that's two different species but swim together as they have no choice I want to give them two groups 6+6 to swim in. That maybe to much for the bottom area in my 92 gallon?

Please give me some suggestions!
Thank you soo much!



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You have a very nice setup from your description. Great sized tank with a lot of filtration and water changes, your fish have a great home!

I have a 75g that's 48" wide x 18" deep (122cm wide x 46cm deep)

For bottom dwellers, it has:

2x Peacock Eels
12x Peppered cory's
1x Julii Cory (who thinks it's a peppered cory and accepted by them)
4x Clown Plecos
8x Kuhli Loaches

It's planted and has other hiding spots for them.

I dont feel the bottom is over populated in my opinion.

Everyone is different with how they like the aesthetics of their tanks though.

Some like a certain look or balance to them. Others enjoy keeping a variety of fish species who like it when the tank looks "busy".

It really depends on your goal for your tank.

In my opinion, you could ealy bump up the number of Cory's to 6 of each species. Also, a bump in the number of the kuhli loaches to 10+.

I have heard both the pro's and cons of having 1 species of corydoras vs 2 species of corydoras.

In my opinion, if you're satisfying their needs for a safe environment, correct water parameters and diet, I dont think there will be conflict among a group of 2 different types of Corydoras.

It's not like you're mixing African Mbuna with South American Green Terrors, ha.

I recommended the bump in Kuhli's, because I've noticed my black kuhli's were a lot more active after I increased their numbers.
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