Need To Redo A Couple Tanks (pics)

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    So I got his MarineLand 5g Portrait kit on amazon for less than $50 shipped. Great deal and you should buy one now haha.. it is motivating me to redo a few projects and improve a couple. This new nano setup isn’t ideal right now for my Betta as it’s kind of sharp and I still need more plants, but it’s cycling and I’ll move him over soon. (Anubias, almond leaves, branch, maylasian driftwood, rock, and seachem plant substrate)

    This is his current home: (Fluval 5g spec)
    Right now I have a male betta in here 5 cherry shrimp, 5 blue velvet shrimp (both Neocardina species), two assasin snails and a few left over nirite snails) I want to put a couple endlers in here once the betta moves.

    Here is the 20g exodons tank: they need to go into my 40gb as they have outgrown the 20g.

    Here is the graveyard of my 40g breeder which housed my EBJD and my blue panaque pleco (my EBJD had an internal parasite and somehow got ick and I failed at treating the tank in time due to being away last week and also lost my blue panaque pleco too. (Now, there is one leftover honey gourami in there but he is going to my buddy’s new tank later today.)

    This is my other Fluval spec 5g that needs a complete makeover too: Thinking of planteding this one heavy idk:

    And this 75g tank isn’t changing cause my female super red dragon Flowerhorn Ruby loves it and is thriving! I actually love this fish. Never have actually truly loved a fish before.. I really liked a few over the years but not like this..

    Ok so what would you do if these were your tanks? I need to get that 40g on point with the exodons so I need hardscaoe ideas..

    I’ll have a 20g and a 5 gallon to play with completely unstocked
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    The 40 gallon is almost ready for the Exodons. I am keeping it bare bones so its easier to clean and it's a species only tank. I’m just keeping the temp around 90f for another day to make sure there aren’t any leftover ich spores (along with another day of medication) before I add the exodons, then I can start to rescape the 20g.

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    LOVE all your tank's!!!
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    The exodons are moved and happy in the 40g breeder. :)8C55958C-2EB6-4916-B807-41792B264431.jpeg522EB630-570C-4D9A-80E1-98B195B652CE.jpeg
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    Got some baby blue dream shrimp in the 2.6 gallon! 3C4F1DD8-D4D2-4A81-8B0F-54122432A322.jpeg12B43F92-5ECE-46E8-9BDD-C7E35EB69E64.jpegED325968-2341-4BF0-85A3-078E81233549.jpeg
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    I got another of the baby shrimp next to an adult that shows the size comparison better :)