need to ID this African Cichlid

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    Need to ID the fish in the photos. I had just gotten it from the fish store. It is appox 5" in size and blue in color. Hope someone will be able to ID the fish.

    Thanks for the help

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  2. CichlidSWAGA

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    maybe a female Aulonocara nyassae (blue peacock)
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    ID Cichlid

    Hello. This cichlid is of the family Aulonocara species of Lake Malawi in the south of Africa. I don't see any pictures of this exact color in my book, Author: David E. Boruchowitz "Guide to Cichlids." The closest picture I see would be a Aulonocara hueseri or Aulonocara stuartgranti. The Aulonocaras have verying color differations and can hybrid. I have to say it's a great coloration!!! I love the blue in it.