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I'm getting paid this week...about ****************** time...and i'm looking to get InarI and good solid 5 gallon tank. I need the following if you could give me brands, prices and any availible links to buy them at or with info it would be greatly appreciated.

here is my list its a decent one:

special thermometer if necissary otherwise i'm just going to get one that sticks to the side of the tank
live plants
tank mates
testing supplies

I think that is everything if I missed something on this list just ask me if I have it,


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You might want to check out WalMart for the tank. Their 10 gallon tanks are $8.99 which might be cheaper than a 5 gallon tank.

A good cheap filter for your tank would be a sponge filter. You can usually get one for under $10.00.

I prefer the in the tank thermometers, but I've never neard anything bad about the stick on one.

I prefer the metal heaters because they don't break. Via Aqua makes some good ones at prices about the same as glass, and they are fully immersible.

I would go with low light plants like anubias, java fern and java moss. They are easy to take care of and require no special lighting or substrate.

My favorite testing supplies is the Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Master Test kit. Print the online page on the PetSmart web site and take it to PetSmart to get your kit for about half of what you would normallyl pay locally. They should honor the online price.

A good place to check out the heaters and sponge filters is Big Al's:
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I am going to give you a lot of links here, not to tell you that you have to go there to shop, because I do not know how you want to do this (online or around your area in stores).  They are the cheapest and most quality for the money I have found but they are only examples.  If you can find something around there for less that looks like it would work go for it.  The only thing I would not skimp on is the heater as the one I am recommending has a lifetime warranty so if you get it for heavens sake remember to keep the box and the receipt as if there is ever a problem they will replacement. (but you will have to have the UPC code from the box and the sales receipt.)  Be sure to get a 25 or 50 watt heater.  I have 25 watt in all of my tanks but some people say 10 watts per gallon which would be 50 watts for 5 gallons.  Use your own judgement.  Mine stay fine with half the electricity but it is up to you.  The cost is not much different.  

Here goes.  Most of this is from as I do try to do most of my business there to keep from having boxes coming from all over and paying extra postage.  The fewer places you deal with the better and these folks are about the same in cost for their items.

First of all, I did not buy any tanks online.  I got the tank that I am going to give you the link to here, but I bought it at Walmart as it was about $20.00 cheaper and no postage and handling.  It includes a Bio-Wheel filter so since that is a really good filter, you do not need another filter besides, unless you want to run a sponge filter in the tank to have one ready in case you need a isolation tank some day and then you will have a filter ready for it.  That is up to you and does not have to be done now, you can think about it.  

here are others to look at:

(the filter in this one is a little harder to work with)


that is the only one I recommend to anyone because of the reasons I gave above

THERMOMETER - you can do without this  I just like to know exactly where I am at so I use one


this is the type of testing kit you have to use.  There are other brands but they are not cheaper and since these are the ones most used I recommend them because then when you say a test is showing up a certain color everyone will know just the color you are talking about.  They take a little getting used to but they are well worth it.


I can recommend a gentleman that I have bought fish from but if you have a really good local pet store there, you would probably be better off to get them close by.  The type of fish you can put in with inarI cannot be bought off of ebay and shipping on live merchandise is high.


Same answer as the Tank Mates.  Shipping is high as they don't want to use regular shipping and risk dead arrivals.  Look on the Swap section of the forum and see if Off-ice is selling anything right now, his plants are GREAT!!  Check out the site and see if anyone is selling plants.  They love their plants and are likely to have some beautiful ones and Off-ice is the sites Administrator I think.

If you really get stuck try getting them from the same place as the Bio-Spira.  Since it has to be rapid shipped you may as welll have plants and Bio-Spira in one shipment.  I will save a lot on postage.  Like I said before the fewer the boxes the less the postage!!


The small pouch has enough for 20 gallons so I would shake it up and put about a measuring tablespoon in and refrigerate the rest in a good tight plastic bag.  2 layers would be best.  It states it will keep refrigerated for 6 months after opening.  BE VERY SURE that you shake it up good before you open the pouch.  (I know you will - I didn't the first time and had to rinse the pouch - it was a mess)

here is another place for plants and Bio-Spira but it is much more expensive and you have to get the large pouch they do not carry the small one.

Good shopping and good luck.  I think this is the most fun time of all.  Making a home for your little guy will give you a lot of pleasure.  (but make you broke  )  Only one more small item I think you may need and it is really more important than plants and decorations as yet.  A small airpump and an airstone will help.  They are not that expensive and will help keep the water nice and full of oxygen for your little one.

 - or -  

the smallest size of the ones listed will be more than enough.

 The little green one for $1.49 has a little adjustment knob to set the amount of bubbles you want to be sent out of the stone  -  not technically necessary but sometimes help can be added later but if you are ordering get it so you don't pay $5.99 postage to get a $1.49 item.

 These keep the water from backing up the tubing in case of a power failure.  You need one if you are going to run an airpump.  See if you can get them cheaper locally.

 You will think you will never use 25 feet of tubing but it does need to be changed now and again so you will be surprised how soon it goes.  It will probably last a couple of years though.

I know this looks really complicated but they are only for suggestions.  Use what you want and feel you need and forget the rest.  I just have the information handy for the site I listed but here are some more if you want to check on them for general merchandise.

Hope I have helped.  I was broke for months when I got started setting up the aquariums.  Don't forget that you have to have something to take care of you with, too.  

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is there a thermeter that is a bit more accurate that +/- 1.5 F that is a bit much for me I know i'm probly being anal about this but if i'm going broke on InarI he's getting the best freaking equipment I can find him anyway I was also wondering about mobility, I'll be moving here soon so how mobil is all this equipment? What kinda of fish should I put in with Inari, he might end up with a 10 gallon (whether the university likes it or not) anyway jw thanx


PS I'll be buying most of this stuff this week and into next week If I happen to find some cool plants that he might like, I can put the plants right in pretreated water w/o cycling right?
thanx again
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or here is the page and see if you find one more to your specs.  I do not have experience with any of them other than the Little Time and Temp and it is okay but more expensive.

I know you are wanting extreme accuracy and the best for absolute accurate temperature is still the following in one of its forms.  I just cannot see well enough to tell where I am at with one of them anymore.  But your young eyes would probably do quite well  .  They are also quite reasonable.  I would not get the one with the floating though without a way to attach it to the side of the tank, as you will not be able to see the temp without removing it from the water and the temperature will begin to change on it immediately to the air temp, so you may not be able to get a good reading that way either. Oh yes, I do have the Floating Glass with Suction Cup type of these thermometers and it would suit the bill perfectly if I could just read it. Like I said, just getting old.

Hope this has been helpful.


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