Need some ideas. 29 Gallon Tank

  1. cody1250x Member Member

    I have finaly finished building my stand and now I want some ppl to tell me how I did. (Good or bad, like it or hate it) I appreciate any imput at all. And now for the fun part. ideas on fish/plants and aquascape. I have a 2 ft balast ordered that will run 4 t5 bulbs. And aqua clear 30 HOB filter.
    I think I want to do an open top and get some plants that will grow up out the tank (maby even some that flower) also will probably do diy co2 and have liquid ferts I can/will add if needed. Even tho I dnt think this is high tech im ready to try it as I need more chaleges any ideas at all will b much appreciated
  2. cody1250x Member Member

    Isnt** high tech I ment
  3. Jomolager Well Known Member Member

    The stand looks cool. How big is your tank? How will you stock it? Some fish are jumpers, they require a hood.
  4. cody1250x Member Member

    Its a 29 gallon and not sure about the fish yet hoping some ppl could give me some ideas. Im thinking cichlids as I like watching them claim territory and defending it/they also have good personalities I like
  5. Krysty Well Known Member Member

    Angelfish would be lovely...
  6. Tonia Well Known Member Member

    The stand is gorgeous! I would definitely be willing to show it off in my home.

    What substrate do you plan to use for your tank?
  7. cody1250x Member Member

  8. cody1250x Member Member

    And thanks about the stand belive it or not I did everything with one hand as I had an accident about 2 years back and one hand only works so I was skeptical about how it would turn out. But im proud of it
  9. Jomolager Well Known Member Member

    You are awesome!
  10. cody1250x Member Member

    :) lol thank u