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    I just got a tropical fish tank a few months ago. It has different gouramis, bettas, guppies, a pleco, and some aquatic frogs in it. This morning one guppy and one gourami were dead, neither had any obvious symptoms of disease. All chemical levels in the tank appear normal. One of my female bettas i found nose down in the gravel at the back of the tank, barely breathing and her fins and all shirvelled, and the back half of her body is covered in gray film. I do not believe it is ich. Her tail is also chewed very badly. She probably won't make it, i have separated her anyway. What about the rest of my fish? are they in danger? what should I do? Could it be bacteria, or the result of bullying by other fish?
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    Welcome to FishLore!!!! Stop in at the welcome forum and introduce yourself!! ;)

    Could you post the size of your tank please? Ammonia, Nitrite, and NitrAte readings also.
    Please list all the fish that are in the tank. When we know these things we can have a better chance of giving you some help :) Thanks
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    Welcome to FishLore! I would just keep an eye on your other fish, and not treat them unless necessary. As far as your betta, until you know exactly what is wrong, I'd go ahead and treat for the fin damage and prevention of infection. I would treat with a combination of Maracyn I and II according to the package directions. Don't have a light over the tank, as light weakens the antibiotic. Post back when you can!