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Sable Everett

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Hi everyone! I'm moving home from college and a friend of mine is moving away and can't take her fish with her. So, since she knows I take care of my fish properly, I'm taking her fish.

She has a ten gallon, and (are you ready for the horror??) here's the stocking:
- a fancy guppy
- a non-fancy guppy (not 100% sure what they're called? he has a medium tail)
- a glowlight tetra
- a barb (my guess is an Odessa barb but I'm not certain)
- a common pleco

Having left some of my fish with my parents, they've felt free to manage my fish without asking me about their care (I'm a little upset about this right now, sorry) but these are the tanks I have in my possession:

- An empty 23 gallon

- A 20 gallon tall
- an angelfish
- two (?) black neon tetras
- three (?) neon tetras
- two (?) peppered corydoras catfish
- five (?) harlequin rasboras

- a 15 gallon
- a male betta

- an empty 60 gallon cube

- a 10 gallon
- a male betta

- a 5 gallon
- a male betta

- a 5.5 gallon
- a male betta

The plan was that I would set up the 60 cube as an Amazon biotope tank with the angelfish, the tetras (while replenishing the schools, as well), and the corydoras catfish. Then when I learned I'd be taking in my friend's pleco, I planned to put him there as well, since I thought he was a bristlenose, but as it turns out, he's a common pleco. Then, I would set up the 20 tall with the harlequin rasboras and one of the bettas.

But, I found out recently that my parents don't want me to set up the 60 cube. So, as it stands, the only other tank that's tall enough for the angelfish long-term is the 20 tall, which isn't long enough. The 23-gal isn't long enough or tall enough for him, either, so now I don't know what to do. Technically speaking, the 60 cube isn't long enough for him either, but it's certainly better than what he's in.

Plus, the 23-gal isn't big enough to support four schools, and neither is the 20.
So, unless I can convince my parents to set up the 60, the fish are kind of... screwed.
Plus, what am I supposed to do with a common pleco??

Any ideas?


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Well the pleco won't take any of your tanks except for the 60. Go to your lfs and show your parents a full size pleco if they have one. Then explain that your 60 is the only option. If they agree, put pleco, angel and corydoras (bump their school up to 6) in 60 (A south American tank!)

Next put the tetras, guppies, and barb in the 23. Up the tetra and barb schools to 6.

Now you have a free 20 gallon tank. Put glowlight in and up its school to 6. Put the rasboras in here as well.

If your parents do not permit... You will have to sell the pleco and angel. Might as well sell the 60 to someone as well.
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