Need Some Help Identifying These Fish

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  1. Albert83 New Member Member

    Hello hoping to find some help here. I recently bought an aquarium from an online ad. When I picked it up the lady gave me four fish that were in it but she did not know what kind they were. These pictures are not the best. The catfish i know, its the other 3 fish in the pictures i'm not sure of. Any help would be appreciated
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  2. Lajos Valued Member Member

    First photo is a Rainbow fish. But I'm not sure which species.

    Second photo is Serpae Tetra. It can be a fins nipper.
    So, watch out and make sure you don't have fish with long fins or tail.

  3. Albert83 New Member Member

    @Lajos Thank you so much for the quick reply and tips. This helps a lot for me to do some research.
  4. Lajos Valued Member Member

    First one could be a Red Rainbowfish
  5. coralbandit Fishlore VIP Member

    Red Iranian rainbow and Boesemani rainbow along with Serape tetra.
    Tail of cat looks like Sterbia cory ?
  6. Albert83 New Member Member

    Thanks, this is super helpful.:) You guys really know your stuff!
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  7. chromedome52 Fishlore VIP Member

    Male Glossolepis incisus, the Red Irian Rainbowfish, a probably female Melanotaenia boesemani, and a Hyphessobrycon eques, Commonly called the Serpae Tetra from an old synonym. I think @coralbandit forgot to turn off the Autocorrect! :oops::p