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    so ive had a 20 gallon going for a few months now everything is going good. im in the marines right now but i get out in 67 days!!! lol so excited but anyway my wondefull wife is letting me buy a big boy tank im thinking of getting a 72 gallon bow front just found it at a store so more than likely thats what im getting. just had a few questions. i dont know what kind of fish to get i cant remember the name but its a purple cichlid pretty common ive seen it at alomst every store i go to. but i want to have a planted tank.(i love plants) and i also want a pleco or two. are these good combinations and if so how many of each can i get for a 72 gal. also does any one have any advice on transporting fish cross country. i have a pleco in my 20 gal that im in love with but i dont want to end up killing him when i drive home pluse i wont have a tank set up when i get there so i dont know what to do. theres a store by my base i can give him to but i dont want to lol. and help or advice is appreciated.

    Semper Fi :;soldier
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    As for your questions? I have no idea.
    Wanted to thank you for your service.
    My son is USMC.

    (oh yeah, Lots of good folks will answer you shortly)
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    lol, ok, well, first, any idea what kind of pleco you have right now? how old is it? how far are you driving? there's lots of different ways to transport fish, i'm sure we can help you figure something out. If you can talk her into it, have your wife set up the aquarium (nothing extreme, just tank, stand, filter, heater, and water) for you a week or so before you arrive. Before you start home, pick up some TSS (tetra safe start bacterial supplement), and then when you get there, you won't have to worry about a temporary home for your plec.

    that said, congrats on finishing your service contract! when my bf (current, not at the time) got out (USMC), it took everything i had not to drive out to LA and bring him home myself lol.