Need some advice on these plants


I have Bacopa Caroliniana planted in two aquariums. The stuff grows so fast, and is mostly bright green. I'd think it was healthy except many of the leaves have jagged holes. Here's a picture:

I also have S. Repens which has even larger holes and blackening at the edges. The Ludwigia SP and Dwarf Sagittaria look good though.

I need better test strips... I can barely tell a color difference between 0 and 20 ppm Nitrate... but from what I can tell, it's low no matter how much Easy Green I pump in it (I'm pumping almost every 3rd day at this point). One tank is fishless and the other very understocked. My lighting is probably considered low.

So any thoughts on ferts I should use? tests I should buy? I'm new to planted tanks. Thanks.


Assuming that those holes are not caused by a fish (and it doesn't look that way); check if easy green contains potassium.
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Yes, 9.2% K2O. Actually the highest ingredient... Nitrogen is only 2.7%

And no fish in the one tank... just an obscene number of bladder snails. :-/ in a tank I don't feed.


the snails are causeing the holes apart from that your plant is healthy

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