Need some advice on canister filters


Forgive me if I don't flow too well on here. I'm pretty new to forums, I mainly use the internet for e-mails.

I have kept a variety of different sizes of tanks from 10 gallons to 185 gallons as well as a custom tank I have made. I've used a number of different filters and the best I have found is the Marineland HOT Magnum canister filters coupled with 2 emperor penguin 400's. I absolutely love them. I them running on my 185g until it died. This is the 3rd one I have went through and I am now looking to either get a new one or a different canister filter.

On to my question...

I have seen numerous canister filters out there... fluval, eheim, cascade, etc. I just don't know which one is the best bang for the buck. I'm looking for one to go on my 185g that has a 10" pleco, a 7" oscar, and a 8" pacu (he will be moving too a bigger home soon). Does anyone have any reccomendations? I'm not looking to spend $400 or anything like that at this time.

Also... what about for a 55g? I'm thinking about moving my pair of convict cichlids from a 29 to a 55g. Right now I have an Aquaclear power filter that I have fell in love with.

I don't want to break the bank, because if I do, the wife will break me.

Thanks in advance


Hello PeefyLoo and Welcome to Fish Lore!

I'm sure you'll get some suggestions on some good canister filters before long. I too, love the Aqua Clear hang on back (HOB). I'm running 7 of them on 4 tanks. I also have the Magnum HOT that I only use for water polishing with the micron cartridge inserted. Does a great job!

I hope you enjoy the site.



I personally have a Fluval FX5 on my 125 and I am very happy with it, and I've heard nothing but good things about the Ehiem filters.... the problem is going to be the price.


check Ebay can not remember the sellers name I got my brand new Marineland C530 for $180 works great on my 125 with 7 6" to 11" Frontosas.... I have had no issues with it .. quite as a mouse ... I do use a Marineland 350 HOB filter just for a little added filtration and water flow


welcome to fishlore!!!
LOL @ wife breaking you...its the same here when only one of us has the
"fish obsession" !

everyone is going to have an opinion on their preferences...I use the cascades where as ive heard good reviews from others on each one so it all depends on price (assuming you want to keep the peace )

as far as moving your con pair, as long as there isn't other submissive fish in there, as the pair will kill fish that get in their way with spawning


I'm a big fan of the rena xp's. I just got a couple of fluval 05s and like them too, but not as much as the xp's.


peefyloo said:
I don't want to break the bank, because if I do, the wife will break me.
Welcome to fishlore, and thank you for the laugh.
I have a fluval and love it, but haven't had any experience with other canisters.


I like Fluvals and XP's. I've also used a Cascade 1000 and was really unimpressed compared to the Fluval and Rena I already had. It was loud for a canister and difficult to set up and prime. Maybe I just got spoiled by the other brands, but I was ready to throw in the towel on it before it even started to work.

I ended up having to sell my Fluval as part of a tank setup, but I still run 5 Rena XP's and love them.

Eheims are great from what everyone tells me, but I couldn't personally justify the cost.


I like the fluvals. I have 2 405's on my 125 and one on my 30gal. I like them best.
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Thanks for the suggestions. I will look into the Fluvals, Renas, Cascades for the 185g.

What would be a could filter for the 55g?

Shawnie, right now the only thing in the 55 gallon are spiders and and perhaps ladybugs since it is in my garage right now lol.

I actually have 3 cons, a mating pair, that had its first batch of fry hatch just a few days ago, and the 1 that will probably be moved or I will get it a mate.


for a 55 I use two Aqua Clear 70s I hear the 110's are great as well I just have many 70's around here


ive had the fluval 204 runing on my 20 gal 12 years now no probroms


Ehiem always have worked great for me...I have 3 of them 2 eco's and 1 proII. Not cheap but very good.


I love my Ehiem's too. I have both an ecco and a classic on two different 55-gal tanks and they are great. Can't hear either of them unless I put my ear up to it are really try. My water is alway clean and clear. You can get them for a pretty reasonable price at Big Als
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