Need shrimp help! Counting, molting, and ID

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    orcalover1999 New Member Member

    Yesterday I added 9 ghost shrimp to my 55 gallon aquarium (which also has 6 peppered cories and 3 false julii cories; I'm getting 3 more julii cories as soon as my LFS gets more).
    Today I noticed that one was eating something. I'm not sure hat it was, but it looked like a part of a shrimp. They're next to impossible to count, so I'm not even going to try to count them at the moment.
    My question is, when a shrimp molts, will it eat its own exoskeleton/shell? I've never had shrimp before, so I have no clue.

    I'm also 99% sure that some of these shrimp are actually amano :/ This shouldn't be a huge problem. What are the differences between amano and ghost shrimp?

    Also, are there any tricks to counting how many shrimp are in a tank? It would be great to know if and when a shrimp has died. Thanks!
  2. leftswerve

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    Hello, you can see the differences and compatibility of shrimp on the below website link.
    Yes, others will nibble on the molt.
    Put a piece of food in the tank and hope the corys stay away long enough for most of the shrimp to start eating, then count. You probably won't see most of your shrimp again, depending on what else is in the tank and how comfortable they feel.
    Hopefully our tank is 2 months old and nitrate cycled through.
    Good luck
  3. Bithimala

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    If you ended up with amanos and paid for ghosts, awesome! Yes, they will eat the molted skin as it helps them.