Need opinions - goldfish food!

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    Since I decided to get a goldfish, I have been trying to find a good goldfish pellet. Here are the guidelines I am trying to stick with:

    (It doesn't say there how much fiber the food should have, but I noticed in all of the listed gel food recipes the fiber was arounf 10%, so I've been trying to find a pellet like that.)

    For awhile, the closest I could find was the Hikari Oranda pellets, which had 46% protein, 5% fats, and 5% fiber, but I wanted to find one with a little more fiber in it and possibly a little higher fat content since 5% is on the low end of what is recommended in the above link.

    Then I found this:

    I know it says it's for koi, not goldfish, but it looks to me like it perfectly fits what the first link says! It might have a little less protein, but it is pretty easy to supplement with bloodworms, daphnia, etc. Best of all, it has 10% fiber!

    Can I get the opinions of some goldie experts on whether this would be good for goldfish even though it says it's for koi? The same website does sell goldfish pellets, but they only have 2% fiber, which I read is great for not having your goldfish, well, poop alot, but not so great for the goldfish's digestive track (or is it tract?).

    What do you goldfish people think? Gremlin, I know you're out there somewhere! LOL
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    I just have 1 more question - is it OK if the goldfish ingests sand? I decided to leave the sand in the tank that the goldie will be in, since it is obviously too small to get stuck in the goldie's innards, but is there anything else about sand that it bad for them?
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    I think you would be fine feeding the koi pellets, in my pond I have both koi and and goldfish but they are all fed the same food, Nishi Koi, which is clearly Koi food.