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    Hi guys new to the site and literally any thread. Bit of a back story to this tank. Long story so bare with me. I painted a house and was asked to take a tank as well if I wanted it so I had a look and what I saw was horrific a green tank with no visibility so I assumed there was no fish inside. she told me there was and I couldn't believe it. There were 4 goldfish. 3 common and a black Moore all around 11 years old. It's a juwel 180l with the curved glass. So I took the poor fish out and emptied it and brought it home filled it with clean water. All of the fish suffered loss of scales, fin rot, dropsy, you name it they had it. I had no idea about this as I had never had fish before so it was a learning curve from them on. So after about 4 years two of the original fish died after years of hospital tanks and treatments. I have the tank about 6 years now and currently have 4 goldfish, two of them are 15 and two are 1 year(rescued from a 5 year old). 3 albino weather loaches and a gold dojo. I also got a ghost koi for a bit of contrast. I done a bit of research and found that loaches can be quite resilient and get on with goldfish. Recently a loach looked like it was choking but I assumed maybe it was a piece of gravel as it was fine later. done a full water change and changed the gravel to natural sand for the loaches and better digestion in general for the tank. The loach started to look bumpy and bent and was swimming weird but still active and eating. After that I treated the whole tank with an anti bacterial medicine and everyone seemed to be fine after two treatments but then the loach rapidly started to deteriorate and eventually died in the hospital tank. So I'm going to attach a few photos and hopefully you guys can let me know if I can improve on some things to prevent this. I have a fluval Filter for 200l and currently oxegenate the tank with the air option. Realistically I never wanted goldfish but these animals are living so long it's amazing I just feel sorry for them as they're quite big. Anyway guys let me know what you think I need a bit if outside opinion sorry if this is in the wrong place oh god IMG_20190505_212226.jpg IMG_20190505_212139.jpg IMG_20190505_212154.jpg IMG_20190505_212158.jpg

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    Oh boy, I hate to be the bad guy but I see a few problems here, first being the stock. A 180l/50g tank just isn't big enough for that many common goldfish, definitely not a koi, but the loaches are ok. With that stock you'll have to be doing a 50% or larger water change every other day if not every day. I see on your profile you're not familiar with cycling, read this: nitrogen cycle. I would advise rehoming at least the koi, and 1-2 of the common goldfish.
    Now onto the loaches, they are scaleless fish and just have a slime coat so they are much more sensitive to any type of treatment and a half dose is advised. That is likely a factor in death
    For filtration I'm also sorry to say that you're underfiltered with less that half of the turnover you should have. A fluval 200l filters at best 206gph/780Lph, you want at least 440gph/1665Lph. To get up to that number you should add a hang on back style filter and I would suggest one of these three:
    Marineland 350b
    AquaClear 75
    Seachem Tidal 75