Need More Suggestions On A Centerpiece Fish For My 29 Gal.

  1. Over It Well Known Member Member

    I need some more suggestions for a "centerpiece" fish for my 29 gal. I have Sterbai Corydoras, 1 Male Dwarf Gourami, 1 female Platy and Amano Shrimp. I am hoping to add some RCS down the road.

    I love all the fish I have in there, but I really want a fish that will swim around the front and top part of the tank. I think my Gourami thinks he's a Cory Cat cause he swims with them all day long and the Platy just does her own thing.

    Any suggestions?

    Here's a pic of my tank. 5c3f478ebd227480238b075c77ea39a5.jpg
  2. FishFish221 Well Known Member Member

    One angelfish.

  3. Over It Well Known Member Member

    Thank you for the reply. I would love an Angelfish, but wouldn't it eat my Shrimp?
  4. itsayes Member Member

    I really like the looks of that tank. You made the artificial plants look very natural!

    What temp do you keep the tank at?

  5. Over It Well Known Member Member

    Thank you! I do have an Anubias and Anacharis in the left hand corner. I really wanna add some more live plants, but I'm not sure where yet.

    It's currently sitting at 76-77. The heater is preset for 78 but my thermometer reads between 76 and 77 right now.
  6. JesseMoreira06 Well Known Member Member

    I would not do an anglefish in a 29g regardless of what else is in the tank , but since you have a dwarg gourami that is your "center piece" fish.

    I would add a pair of GBR. and a nice large school of dithers like lemon tetras, harlequin rasbora or cherry barbs ect..
  7. Over It Well Known Member Member

    Here's another question. Can I house 1 or 2 Honey Gourami with my Dwarf Gourami? Sorry I'm new to these types of fish so I'm still learning. Only kept Corydoras, Livebearers and Bettas before. Oh and a few tetras, but they really aren't my cup of tea.

  8. FishFish221 Well Known Member Member will, but you are technically limited to fish that can't eat shrimp now so maybe mollys or platys?

    I think the GBR will eat the amano shrimps too.
  9. Over It Well Known Member Member

    He was meant to be the "centerpiece fish", but I hardly ever see him cause he's swimming on the bottom with Corys or around the wood and plants in the back.

    I tried adding a Bolivian Ram and he attacked my Dwarf Gourami. My Dwarf did not fight back.
  10. itsayes Member Member

    GBR's are great but won't occupy the top region of the tank. So it might not pop out to you like you're looking for. I have one and it's one of my favorite fish. 77 might be a couple degrees less than ideal for gbr too.

  11. JesseMoreira06 Well Known Member Member

    doesn't matter most fish with size will if they want to.

    anglefish get to 6" and a 29g is to small IMO/IME , also since their is a dwarf gourami it is the "center piece" fish.
  12. Over It Well Known Member Member

    I love GBR's! But I thought like you said, they wouldn't be front and center like I am hoping for and I don't think they are compatible with my water parameters and temp.

    I really wanna do this right and have a healthy, happy, tank.
  13. JesseMoreira06 Well Known Member Member

    I guess your gourami is one of those rare ones haha , most are fairly aggressive and can hold themself pretty well.

    but what about the opposite sex dwarf gourami ?

    depending on temperament of your DG, honey gouramis might work but are very docile and shy.
  14. Over It Well Known Member Member

    So maybe a small school of Harlequin Rasboras would be good? What about CPD's?

    Yeah, I was pretty shocked. I thought Bolivians were supposed to be pretty docile and I really wanted one and it should have gotten along with the Dwarf. Not so much. He went after him and he meant to do damage. My Dwarf just ran away.

    Do you think a couple Honey Gourami's would be worth a try or would it most likely fail?
  15. itsayes Member Member

    I love my harlequins. I have 16 in a 46 gallon and they are awesome. School really well and colored up much more than expected. Very active, they are the life of that tank.
  16. JesseMoreira06 Well Known Member Member

    alot of times fish keeping is a trial an error. If your DG isn't aggressive then it might work. I would get male female honey gourami try it out , if it doesn't work make sure to have a plan b.

    I'm not a fan of CPD , they need to kept in very large groups 15-20 to be seen more often , be active and get a good coloring.
  17. Over It Well Known Member Member

    Yeah, then they won't work.
    I guess I better do a lot of reading. I have no idea how to tell males from females Gourami's. I just know mine is a male cause that is what I was told.

    I shouldn't have to worry about the Harlequins bothering the other fish right? I've had them with a Betta before and they did good, but then I was more worried about the Betta than the Harlequins.
  18. itsayes Member Member

    Check out opaline gouramis. I've never kept them but they get a nice size but not too big for a 29 imo. I've seen some beautiful coloration on them.
  19. Over It Well Known Member Member

    I tried adding 2 more Platys. They picked on my Corydoras. The only reason I have the one is because she is very docile and doesn't bother anyone. She's the only one I kept when I sold all my other Platys.
  20. itsayes Member Member

    Harlequins should be fine. How many Sterbai do you have? You could be able to fit a decent school of harlies.