Need ideas on what fish to get

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    Tumeria33 New Member Member

    I have a 20 gallon marlineland half moon aquarium. I am currently cycling the tank now (fishless cycle). I am a beginner and need advise. At first I wanted an angel fish but thanks to all of you here on the forum I now realize that my tank is just too small. I really like interesting and colorful fish so I was thinking of going with mollies and platies. Doing some research I now know that they love to breed, breed, breed. I don't want to breed- I just want a nice aquarium that I can enjoy, relax and watch. I thought of getting all females but then read they actually store the sperm and can produce fry without a male for several months. I would think that having all males would frustrate them and cause fighting. I am looking for ANY help or recommendations on what to get. I do like Gouramis and as I said I like colorful fish (why I was attracted to Platys and Mollies) NO NEON TETRAS PLEASE!!!! I just don't like them for some reason. I love how some of you list your tanks and what you have in them. Could you give me some ideas like that? Thanks!!! Very much appreciate any advise.
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    JoannaB Well Known Member Member

    They sell male guppies separately from female ones in the stores that I have seen, and I have read that you can keep just male guppies. I wonder whether one can get only male mollies or only male platies? Anyway, guppies are nice and colorful, too (and they also breed like crazy unless one gets only males).

    Also I wonder whether you could get glofish in your size tank - maybe someone more experienced than me can answer that? I know that you have a half moon tank and your tank is 20 gallons, so that may be a bit too small for glofish since they are danios and are very active and like lots of swimming space. In our 30 gallon we have glofish, and love them. It's fun to watch them as they chase eachother fast. When I first considered glofish the stupid clerk at the store told me that we can't get them because they require a special tank that is too dark to see other fish in but has a special light. It was not until days later that I found out that glofish are nicely bright colored in daylight, and that one can buy a cheap blue-color LED night light for evening viewing which shows off their fluorescence. Glofish are kind of expensive since they are trademarked genetically engineered fish, but they are hardy fish (look up zebra fish - glofish are the same fish only genetically engineered to have color and glow). The glowing by the way does not harm these fish. Personally, I think they are awesome.

    PS: I just looked it up on a fact sheet about zebra fish, and the claim was that one can have them even in a 10 gallon tank, so you could get glofish if you want to. They prefer groups of 6 or more. I have 3 glofish and 3 regular zebra fish.
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    Lexi03 Well Known Member Member

    I have kept male platies together with no problems. Here are some ideas:

    4 male platies
    10 micro rasboras
    10 red cherry shrimp
    1 mystery snail


    3 sparkling gourami or 1 honey gourami
    2 platies
    8 micro rasboras
    10 red cherry shrimps

    2 mollies
    4 platies
    6 green fire tetras
    3 amano shrimp