need ideas for piranha tank

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    I have a 75g with two red bellies an recentley adopted a golden piranha also have two red claw crabs. An im looking to start puting in live plants an some fake drift wood I just don't know were to start recently finished upgrading my equipment an tired of not having anything in the tank.

    P.s. look at that bannana go ^ :D
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    I do not know anything about Piranha care, but please understand that Red Claw Crabs are brackish crabs, they will live a very short life in freshwater, they do NEED the salt for their molts. They are also semi-aquatic and spend more time in wetlands than underwater. Do you have a spot for them to crawl out of the water completely?
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    It may be a good idea to rearrange the things in the tank, where the 2 piranhas already inhibit, before introducing the new piranha. This way no one piranha can claim a territory in the tank and the newcomer has a chance integrated into the tank.
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    My friend has an 180 gallon Piranha tank with a refugium set up. Here's one of his youtube videos on the setup. He doesn't keep plants in the tank it self because of the mess that get's made. All of that is kept in the refugium. Check it out.

    He has several more in the series. It's pretty sweet. I have a 75 that I think will be a Mbuna tank and I will have a similar filtration setup.
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