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Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by bigones1993, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. bigones1993New MemberMember

    ok so i have a 55 gallon semi aggressive tank but my fish are dying due to being definned i have 6 tiger barb who i feel my be the problem and also 5 mosquito fish who i caught at a local lake so far i have lost 2 clown loach and almost one bala i had to transfer him to a hospital tank today because his tail had been nipped badly i also have 3 blue ram cichlad and a small bull head catfish i feel like the cat fish could have killed the clown loach but not the bala the cat is too slow i need help heres a list of all the fish BEFORE the i lost the clowns and moved the bala 6 tiger barb 5 mosquito fish 3 blue ram cichlad 2 clown loach 2 bala shark 2 cory catfish 1 sail fin pleco 1 spotted pleco 1 zebra danio 1 red tail shark 1 bull head catfish i need some advice what should i do how should i figure out which fish to blame somebody help im still a newbie and not too ashamed to learn i am eager to learn and not lose any more fish i loved those clown loach

    on top of that i was always told clown loaches get along well with tiger barbs should i buy more tigers? by the way i seperated the mosquito fish into another tank to hopefully find out who is responsible

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  2. AmazonPassionModeratorModerator Member

    Welcome to Fishlore....

    Before you do anything else, I would suggest reading up on the Nitrogen Cycle since your profile states that you don't know it. I'm "suspecting" that your fish are dying because of ammonia poison and not because of the other fish in the tank. However, I am just speculating because I do not know your water parameters.

    I would read this link first:

    Then I would do additional more readings:

    If you have a liquid test, I suggest testing your water to see if you have a cycle going...most people including myself recommend API Master Test Kit. You are checking for ammonia, nitrite, and nitrates.

  3. bigones1993New MemberMember

    thanks for a the info is it possible that due to these cycles the fish become weak and easy prey for the tigers because every fish that has died has has significant cunks of tail missing and the bala has a very chiped up tail as well

  4. luke355027355027Well Known MemberMember

    Ill start out with clown loaches arent aggressive fish and they grow way to big for a 55. Secondly if the tiger barbs arent nippping it may be the danio. I would rehome the bala as they grow to be a foot long and are shy.

    You could substitute clown loaches with a school of red tailed loaches which look at the same except their blue with orange fins. I would alao try to rehome the sailfin pleco as they get pretty big. I dont know about mosquito fish and if you want to keep the corys i would increase their school to five

    Agreed if you dont know about the nitrogen cycle thats probally the most important thing

    On a side note ninjaed
  5. AmazonPassionModeratorModerator Member

    I didn't want to bombard you with a lot of information at first.

    To answer your question yes. Some of the species you have listed aren't compatible with each other, tank size, and some are extremely sensitve and shouldn't be in uncycled tank.
  6. luke355027355027Well Known MemberMember

    Small clown loaches would be the first to go in an uncycled tank
  7. bigones1993New MemberMember

    ok so heres where i stand the danio is one of five i had in the ten gallon 4 died again definning i figured going to a much bigger tank would help the problem the poor little guy is the soul survivor and he is very scared of other fish he keeps a big distance from others i feel bad for him i will get more danios for him one day when this is all settled but because he is scared i dont think its him and none of my fish look sick they all have good color and act normal the only weird act i see is the balas and only the balas do this they will hover vertically nose down tail up in the middle of the tank i do not know if this is normal i have seen both the tigers and mosquitos chase others around and the bull head as well and i am aware of the size issue with many of my fish i plan to go even bigger one day but due to my current lease agreement on my house i am limited to what i have im already 5 gallons over and again thanks for the advice keep it coming and thanks for reading my thread and long response
  8. bigones1993New MemberMember

    and also was it wise to move the bala out of the 55 due to his tail? and please tell me more about what of my fish should not be together i love my fish i want to reduce conflict in my tanks as much as possible

    and heres another idea i want some advice on should i put all my suspected tail nippers into my other tank transfer the ones in my other tank into my 55?

    should i try for a more peaceful tank community since im a newbie?
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  9. AmazonPassionModeratorModerator Member

    If you want my suggestion, I would either return/rehome all the fish you have in your tank and get your tank cycled.

    Read up on the individual fish profiles that is located her on fishlore to see which fish is compatible with each other and the tank you.
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  10. bigones1993New MemberMember

    ok so last night i put all my accused fin nippers into one tank i woke up to find that two of my mosquitos in much worse shape than just definned they were mutilated and my biggest tiger who is older than the other 5 by a few months is very agressive towards the others today whats my next step? seperate him from the others? i need some help here
  11. Samurai Jack 77Valued MemberMember

    I agree with Amazon. Your first step should be to Rehome all the fish and Then make sure to cycle the tank. You can't just throw fish in different tanks that aren't cycled cause you'll never get rid of the real problem.
  12. bigones1993New MemberMember

    i understand that the tank needs a cycle but i cant simply rehome them the one tank i have that is cycled is much to small for them and in the process of find other enthusiasts who could help at the rate they are going none will be left i really need help to stop the fighting until the tank is cycled they were fine for two weeks then all of a sudden they decided they didnt like who was in the tank with them i need some help to fix this while the big tank is cycling
  13. AnthonyC4CWell Known MemberMember

    BaH... from experience and stories anything that ends in "barb" is trouble lol
  14. Thunder_o_bFishlore VIPMember

    Do you have a petco near by? The one near me will take fish off your hands and then give them for free to people that will take them. Not the best solution, but may be your only option.
  15. Samurai Jack 77Valued MemberMember

    OTHERWISE You could get Tetra Safe Start to help the cycle speed up. But at some point you are gonna need to rid of some of the fish as they aren't all friendly.
  16. bigones1993New MemberMember

    i feel almost the same way i love tiger barbs but they have been trouble and no there is not a petco near i get my fish from a petsmart and they are almost an hour away but thanks for all the advice guys at this point im almost at a total loss of ideas i put 4 of my small ones back in the big tank they seem ok right now calm and together i dont like moving the fish around so much in the small tank three fish are going at it the oldest barb the gold skirt tetra and the small barb is caught in the mix i might take the small one out but heres the thing what if in a few months i get all the cycle down and regulated and the tigers get this way again or if it was already cycled and it happened later down the road with other fish what is a remedy im eager to learn as i am still a newbie
  17. flyinggogoValued MemberMember

    Ok, if you do not want your head to explode, grab a phone book call your LFS's and ask them if they use sponge filters. If yes ask/beg them to sell you one. Pop that in your tank and boom, cycle problem solved. Then you can concentrate on the real issue of rehoming some fish. Post a add on CL or something similar and try to rehome the bala or the barbs or vice versa. Personally i would keep the bala and rehome the barbs. Keeping barbs limilts what you can put in your tank by a lot. If you keep the bala, get a school of them. You will be fine with the balas in the 55 for a long time, but you will have to rehome them or get a bigger tank eventually. Chances are your balas will be 7 or 8 inches fully grown, but they can be 14 inches. So while everyone that says you need to get rid of everything now has your fish best interest at heart, they know that you can keep the balas in a 55 for like 2+ years and are giving you bad advice with good intentions.
  18. bigones1993New MemberMember

    and heres another possible outcome the catfish like the pleco is a night feeder and the deaths more often than not happen at night this bull head who also got moved into the small tank yesterday may be the killer he cant catch the tigers but the mosquitos he could and the loach i dont think the bala but if the bala was sleeping or something i guess he could thoughts?
  19. flyinggogoValued MemberMember

    One more thing why do you have a bullhead. I think they like cold water so the warm water you need is probably making it mad and killing it
    Edit: pretty much all native species are predators
    edit 2: and might be illegal
  20. bigones1993New MemberMember

    thank you atleast someone is willing to help and not just go on and on about the cycle i understand it was a HUGE mistake to introduce fish without cycling the tank but whats done is done yes the fish can be rehomed and if any of you guys live in new jersey heres my email   im willing to work something out and i will be moving away from semi agressive i think i need to learn more about that style community i also read that in some shoals having one or two larger or smaller barbs may cause them to be stressed but im not sure if thats the problem. my biggest worry right now is the adult barb and my gold skirt tetra hate each other and i now have five young barbs in a tank with a fancy guppy witch even as a newbie i know is a recipe for disaster

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