Need help with sick Betta

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    I have a Betta, Clark, that is about a year old. Until recently he has done great. He is in a 5 gallon tank at my office. About two weeks ago I noticed he wasn't swimming around as normal but laying on the bottom or resting near the top of the water on the plant decor. Upon looking closer I noticed a small bump on his right lower side (what would appear to be his abdomen). The scales are protruding slightly in the area of the bump but nowhere else on his body. I don't see any other visible signs of illness. After doing some online reading I thought that he might be constipated so I stopped feeding him (he wasn't really eating anyway) and tried giving him peas. He had no interest in the peas at all. I did a 50% water change and the water temp runs about 80 - 82 degrees. I started him on a round of Bettafix in the event that there was something bacterial, he is about 5 days into this treatment. It's been about two weeks since I stopped feeding and there's no change. I have tried to drop in a pellet or two to see if he wants to eat but he is completely uninterested. I've included a couple of pics, the best I could get, to show the bump. Any help would be appreciated.


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    Do you think it could be dropsy? When I see pineconing on a betta, that's what I normally think first. Have you tried tempting him will a little live food to see if he will eat that?

    If it is dropsy, you may need an antibiotic.

    Aquarium salt can help with the bloating.
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    Pineconing, swollen belly, lethargy, and refusing to eat definitely sounds like dropsy. It happens when fluid accumulates in the fish's body and causes it to swell. Epsom salt baths will help draw out the liquid.