Need help with quarantine tank for discus 20 Gallon Tank

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    I have two juvenile discus who need to be quarantined for treatment. I thought they were goners (acting blind, not eating) but they've started eating again. I have them in a large breeding holder that hangs outside of my main tank and water from the main tank is pumped into the breeder. I had a couple ghost shrimp and an albino BN pleco that right now are being acclimated to the main tank. I'm turning the 20 gal into a barebottom quarantine tank. I'm taking out the gravel but my question is can I replace all the water with pure RO water or will I ruin the beneficial bacteria in the filter? The tank has to be spotless... please help!
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    I've never used RO water but from what I've read I think you would probably kill your fish by adding them to pure RO water. Pure RO water doesn't have any minerals or any buffering capacity and this water is most likely very different from your source water.
    You would need to treat the RO water first with a mineralization product like Seachem equilibrium or another possibility is to mix it with tap water. You always have to be careful when introducing fish into water with different parameters from what they are used to. Acclimate.

    Why do you need to use RO water in the first place?
    And I did not see any test kits listed in your profile, have you been testing your water quality? parameters?
    What is the issue that is warranting your fish being quarantined?