Need Help With Planning 1st Betta Tank

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by Islandvic, Mar 21, 2019.

  1. IslandvicWell Known MemberMember

    Like the title states, I need help planning our 1st betta tank.

    Tank will have either 1 Male or 2-3 females.

    I have some questions for the betta keepers on the forum....

    Is there a difference besides how they look, between the different types of betta's?

    What is preferred range of temps for betta and what is the optimal temp?

    Do they prefer sand or gravel substrate?

    My pH runs 7.8 and I have hard water, will this be an issue?

    What is minimum tanksize and what is recommended tank size for 3-betta sorority?

    If i go with a 5 gallon Marineland Contour All-in-one tank, will I be able to keep more that one female, or just stick 1 male or 1 female only?

    Recommendations for food? how much to feed? How many times per day?

    Common illnesses for betta's?

    Recommended types of decor?

    What should we look for when selecting a betta, to find a healthy one?

    Besides corydoras and kuhli loaches, what other tank mates are suitable?

    Thank you so much for your help!
  2. Addie42Well Known MemberMember

    long finned bettas have more mobility issues IMO
    veil tales seem more prone to fin nipping. Short finned bettas like plakats deal with flow easier

    temp range 78-82
    Substrate does not matter for them at all really

    3 betta sororities don't really exisit... it's usually a minimum of 20 gallons and 5 girls. I've been gathering it's kind of like cichlid keeping where overstocking helps with aggression
    2 betta girls will not end well, they will fight until the weaker one dies.

    if you go for 5 gallons I would do one male, just because they're prettier than girls usually lol. And I don't want to deal with the egg bound stuff with females

    common illnesses- fin rot, dropsy (that is happening to me right now :'( ), bloating issues... other than that it's pretty similar to other fish. They come some what pre-quarantined since they're in little cups.

    types of decor- NO PLASTIC PLANTS lol, especially if you have long finned. Bettas like to get stuck in everything... they're kind of derpy... close up any holes in decorations they look like they'll try to go through, because they will.

    Try to get one that seems alive, without fin rot. If it flares it's probably pretty healthy.

    tank mates... whatever your betta won't attack!!! Lol, they're all pretty different. I wouldn't do tank mates in less than a 20 gallon other than shrimp and snails and stuff
    guppies seem like a general no go... since they get mad at the guppies pretty fins
  3. trahanaValued MemberMember

    Betta sororities are a minimum of 5, and in a well planted tank. You can do a 10g, but you absolutely should buy your girls from the same breeder who has them all living together. If they have never been separated and they just lived together, they will be much kinder to each other. I have a sorority of 4 right now, but that's because one of my girls died, and I don't want to add a 5th that they don't know, as it can break the already bonded and rank sorted betta sorority. They don't even nip each other, and almost school together sometimes because they know each other.
  4. BettaFishKeeper4302Well Known MemberMember

    It would be best to just start out with either one male or one female in the tank alone. 5 gallons is to small and you don’t want to keep bettas together unless you know how they behave and have done lots of research. Bettas are really aggressive towards each other, males can not co exist in the same tank unless it’s a BIIG tank. Female bettas are not as aggressive as males and can go exist in as little as a 20 long as long. It’s called betta sorities! However it’s not recommended a beginner goes straight into doing that. Some people that have been in the hobby for years sometimes struggle with starting sorities. So for right now just get one betta in that tank, whether it’s female or male, that’s up to you. Hope this helped.
  5. IslandvicWell Known MemberMember

    Everyone's input has been very helpful.

    I only knew that more than one female was called a sorority, but didnt realize 3 would not work. Ha

    If I go with a Betta, we will probably just get 1 Male then.

    So would a 5 gallon like this Marineland ( ) would be to small for 1 betta?

    If so, I may wait until Petsmart has another sale on TopFin and get their 10g combo kit.

    Also, what do yall recommend for Betta food?

    Do they need special Betta food?

    I have Cobalt flake food and both Ken'sFish + Omega One small sinking Pellets already. Would that work, or do they have special dietary needs?
  6. DuaneVWell Known MemberMember

    Unless youre going to do a SUPER heavily planted 20 long, dont even consider a sorority. 1 fish per tank.

    I prefer short finned varieties. They seem to have the least amount of health problems. There are no "differences" between varieties other than looks.

    Preferred temps are 78-82. I like to keep mine at 82 as they seem to live longer there and have less issues than other people.

    I like sand with mine. Its easiest to keep clean and looks more natural.

    Mine are in tanks that range from 7.8-8.4 and are doing great (been keeping them over 26 years).

    Minimum sorority recommendation is 5 fish in a 20 long. Ive tried them 3 or 4 times now and its never worked for longer than 6 months.

    A 5 gallon tank is a single fish tank.

    Food: Bug Bites for Bettas. 5ish pellets a day (theyre tiny pellets). I also feed frozen bloodworms as a treat now and again. Live and frozen shrimp. Live mosquito larvae all summer. Bettas are carnivores and need a varied diet to stay healthy.

    Common illness is "dropsy" (a WAY overused, vague, description for a variety of issues usually stemming from poor water quality, poor diet, low water temps, etc.). Ich is common and fin rot is SUPER common but again, these are problems stemming from improper keeping.

    Decor: Live plants. LARGE, live plants. Google "Betta biotope" to get some ideas of what their tanks should look like. I keep mine with sand substrate, leaf litter, driftwood and TONS of plants. Anubias, Java Ferns, Dwarf Water Lily, Amazon Sword, Banana plants, Water Hyacinth, Dwarf Water Lettuce, Java Moss, Hygrophila, Pothos, etc.

    Look for one thats active and alert. Healthy and swimming around.

    Ive kept Bettas in a variety of community tanks with tons of different fish. Ive also had Bettas who wouldnt stand to be with other fish. It depends on the fish itself.

    Good luck. Bettas are super fun!
  7. BettaFishKeeper4302Well Known MemberMember

    A 5 gallon is more than enough room as 2.5 gallons is the minimum tank size. Bigger is better so if you got a 10 gallon that would be up to you and where you are financially. They are pretty cheap. I used to feed my males pellets and give them blood worms as treats. Flakes for males isn’t really necessary as there mouths are big enough for the pellets.