Need Help With Ph Reading, Slight Drop

Discussion in 'pH' started by FireflySky, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. FireflySky

    FireflySkyValued MemberMember

    Need a little assistance interpreting current pH. Started on 6/18 around 7.8, 7/5 was 8.0, and today it's somewhere in-between the high and low range.

    *40B currently in the middle of a fishless cycle, temp around 82*F or so. Thought pH went up because I added more zebra rocks, but now it's lower. I have hard water out of the well, last I checked tap was around 7.8 pH.

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  2. Reef Ventures

    Reef VenturesValued MemberMember

    If this is A test from the normal pH scale and the High Range pH Scale in the kit (i use this API kit) this means that if the Normal Scale reading is at the max (7.6-7.8) The high range reading should be very simmilar. (7.4-7.6)
    Hope this helps
  3. OP

    FireflySkyValued MemberMember

    What confused me was that the low range goes up to 7.6, but high range starts at 7.4. The result I got is a lighter color than the high range, but a very vivid blue on the low range. Should I assume that my pH is a 7.4?
  4. AllieSten

    AllieStenFishlore VIPMember

    If your pH is NOT over 7.6 the high pH test will default to 7.4. It only measures over 7.6.

    So your pH is 7.6.

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