Need help with our breeding pair,,,too many white eggs

  1. safzola

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    hi there everyone need your help........... there seems to be some sort of problem going on with our breeding pair of angels,for some reason after she has laid her eggs they start to turn white,she does not remove them as quick as she lays them she eats them. but seems to be confused why they are gone she is doing all the right things fanning etc.... she laid yesterday they started turning white she never removed any this morning only a few white all gone again .....STRANGE......... as you all no we have had a gud few batches of young , a couple of weeks ago i removed the eggs and decided to hatch myself and there it was .......... again they started turning white wich i removed i was shocked at how many was just vanishing before my own eyes ..out of about 200 eggs only 6 survived to free swimmers....... just need to add that our tanks are perfect we have our tests come back clear of everything. im so confused is it possible he is not fertilizing them properly .... any answers would be appreciated [​IMG]
  2. OP

    safzola Well Known Member Member

    Put another way.....we are getting too many white eggs
  3. virusmk

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    if eggs turn white after 24 hours means that eggs have not been fretilized.
    Your male angel might not doing his job properly