Need Help With New Fish (please)

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First post here, don't know how active it is. Never been on an aquarium or fish forum or website before, to be honest.

I am putting some fish together in an aquarium. I have a list of fish that will be together, that I will attach. I was wondering if all of these fish will be compatible together or if they will be aggressive and hurt each other? The last thing I want is for innocent and precious fish to be injured or worse. Please let me know, ***kindly***, if this will work and why or why not. Thanks SO much for the help in advance.

x1 Medium Angelfish - $7
x3 Horned Nitrate Snail
x1 Oranda Goldfish
x1 Rainbow Shark
x1 Female Fancy Guppy
x1 Dwarf Gourami
x3 Ghost Shrimp
x1 Australian Rainbowfish
x1 Dalmatian Molly
x2 Ghost Catfish
x1 Silver Hatchetfish
x2 Albino Cory Catfish

Ignore the $7, it was to keep track of some stuff in my notes.
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Good luck on your tank. You should check out
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Good luck on your tank. You should check out
Thank you SO MUCH! You are the best!
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So I am going to pop your bubble a lil.

Goldfish need cooler water than all of the other fish you mentioned, scratch that.

Schooling fish need 6-8 to be comfortable and feel safe. So the rainbow fish and corys need a minimum of 6. Ghost catfish also like a minimum of 6, and are very sensitive so not something I would start a tank with unless you want to scoop dead fish out frequently.

Rainbow sharks will become aggressive when they get bigger. IMO a fish for experienced fishkeepers.

Your suggested stocking, based on quantity and fish type, must be a minimum of 60 gallons.

You didn’t mention tank size.

The first thing you need to do is learn about the nitrogen cycle and buy an API master tank kit.

The people on here will give you great advice but we need to know tank size, ammonia, nitrite, nitrates and PH level. The API master test kit will provide that information.
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Welcome to FishLore! The community here is quite kind, helpful, and informative, so I hope you have a good time here!

What size tank and filtration will you be starting with?

I personally want to address some concerns with the stocking choice as well as the schooling size.

It's usually not recommended to mix goldfish with tropical fish just because of their different care needs. It also depends on how big of a tank you are going to be getting, filtration, and maintenance regimen. An or oranda goldfish can top out 12" long, much too large for most setups.

Ghost catfish, while cool, are quite different and would probably need a specific setup and/or care routine. They are shy fish and would do better in a larger school of at least 6, and they are more active lights off. They're sensitive to water quality and lighting.

Silver hatchet fish are quite skittish, too, and would definitely need a bigger group. I honestly feel like 8 or more would be better so that they can feel more secure and provide a more natural display.

Rainbow sharks are not as aggressive as people make them out to be. When they get over 4 inches long, they may occasionally chase some fish off from the lower water column but this almost never results in any nipping. However, they seem to leave corys alone. Provide them lots of hardscape shelters or caves to give them a safe space.

Rainbows are active and will provide a more natural display in moderate groups of their own kind. Australian rainbows would be happy with at least a group of 4, however, do keep in mind that this species can get about 5 inches long.

And lastly, Cory catfish are a big shoaling type of fish, they like big social groups and they show a much more interesting and active display when maintain in numbers greater than 6.

We can work together to tweak your stocking so that your fish are happy. Please help provide additional details when you're ready!

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