need help with molly fry!

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    My molly fries are 2.5 weeks old now. The mother is a silver balloon molly. I have no idea who the father is, she got pregnant in the petshop. The babies are all silver now. I put them back into the main tank two days ago as they are about 1-1.5cm big now. This afternoon I noticed a molly fry who is not very active and appear to sink to the bottom of the tank. There is brown colour appearing around the head area. I put the fry back into the nursery bag attached to the main tank and had to rush out for a seminar. I came back two hours later. The fry seem ok (not as inactive as before). But one of his/her eye has gone totally black in two hours (all of them had a black eye ball with white eye lid around it). The brown colour seems to be more obvious. I thought I saw the top fin splitted but I'm not very sure. Can someone explain what is happening? Can a fry get his/her colour in two hours? or is this a disease? thank you!

    p.s. strangely the black colour around the eye and the head start to disappear now (3 hours later). The baby looks ok but I can see clear top fin split (split into 3 pieces). Any suggestion? can i leave the fin split to heal by itself?
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    welcome to the forum

    Hopefully someone will be along to help with your fry.

    Clean water and time will heal splits in fins.