need help with Melafix


Two of my fish have open sores on their upper lips. I am treating them with Melafix. But there is a problem...
What filter do I use after I take the activated carbon filter out ??? I have used the Melafix for 4 days without a filter and the water is trying a brown color. My fish are pacus and I know they dirty the water fast. The sores are very large and do not look like they are healing. How long will I need to use Melafix to heal them.

Also I am using a filter system called ( Whisper 30-60). I have two on my 60 gal tank. Could someone tell me a better filter system that might clean the water better ??? One more thing.....what is the measurements for a 60 gal tank....last week I emptyed the tank and only counted 37 gal of water I put back in. The tank was sold to me as a 60 gal.
Sorry...I/m not very bright about fish tanks and fish.


Sorry about fish, I'm not to knowlegable there but other members will help you.
Your tank size will be sold to you as with outside measurements. Click on link to get size. Remember to measure inside to figure out how much water you have when treating with medicines


If you don't have anything else then just dump the activated carbon out of the white floss bag (cut it open if you have to) and then put just the white floss bag back into the filter. You need that to get out the larger particles from the water which will help get rid of the brown color you are seeing. Also right next to the spillway of the water, make sure you have that black filter in place and if it looks dirty then lightly rinse it out in a bucket the next time you do a partial water change (i.e. use the water in the bucket to wash the filter no in your tank directly). Also do NOT rinse it under the tap water as the chlorine in your tap water will kill all the good bacteria in there.

As for the melafix you should be using it for 7 days and then you can do a partial water change and put your activated carbon back in to start to remove it from the tank.


what luniyn said, you just empty the carbon out, but keep the actual filter material.

in addition, melafix is a good treatment for minor stuff, and for minor things, it works great. however, it's not too strong, so you might have to go to something stronger if there's no improvement
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